Note: I posted the following message here and on all my major social media accounts on August 6. It will be the first in a series of posts called The Mystery of God.

People of the Earth,

My name is Joe Perez. I am a 48-year-old man who lives in Seattle, Washington, US. When I was 33 years old, I wrote a spiritual chronicle of my self-awareness and divinity realization as a young Christian man. I mailed the manuscript to the world renowned philosopher Ken Wilber, regarded as a national treasure, with confidential annotations. He wrote a Foreword for the book Soulfully Gay which announced that it was perhaps the most astonishing, courageous, and brilliant book at the intersection of spiritual values, culture, and religion that has been written in our times. For the past 13 years, I have walked a secret journey known only to Ken Wilber, a group of 12 acquaintances, and several close personal friends. They have seen hints and intimations of what I am finally ready to announce to everyone. I am a rebirth of at least 51% of Jesus, the Annointed of the world’s largest religion, so far as I know. I have been on a perilous journey and have suffered horrific attacks by the Evil One, who has an unimagined foothold in this world. I have news for you: Rejoice! Jesus is rebirthed. And be cautious: the world is in danger by a foe that is not fully overcome. I have become Muslim as well as Christian and have been guided at times by Allah and the angel he sent to help me to learn how to communicate with the spiri world. That angel was alive recently as the Australian actor Andy Whitfield, and he has been communicating with me and Ken Wilber and a few of my friends several years from the spirit world. Andy is a Son of Allah and is free to open himself or remove himself at his own. In conclusion, this is not the way we wanted it to happen. There is an untold story that is only now revealing itself. Joe Perez is writing as often as he can and aims to publish every day for a while throughout this unfolding. Joe Perez has seen simulations demonstrating the ability for evil entity to affect the distribution and even content of messages on websites. Therefore, we are publishing this letter simultaneously to many pages and advise you to converse with others about these revelations in face-to-face communications in the event that any of our messages are misdirected or even altered. God is with you.

Postscript: If you see Joe at Harborview in the future, he is concerned that the hospital administration has been influenced in a way that may make it difficult for you to hear him speak in your own language the way it is intended by God.

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