I’ve really enjoyed this Sia music video, but there’s just one thing…


I’ve really enjoyed this Sia music video (looks like tons of people have), but there’s just one thing. What I think is really amazing is the way Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler are in a very odd cage with bars that are apparently wide enough for them both to escape (but only Maddie does). Why doesn’t Shia squeeze out of the cage? There’s a shot of him reaching out of it and his shoulders pass through (at 3:04), and that’s his widest part. Hmmm…

Is this video a metaphor for Construct-Aware consciousness (depicted as The Month of the White Horse in The Kalendar), a stage where social roles that were once taken as “just the way it is” are creatively modified, ideally for the benefit of the common welfare? #music #sia #integral #constructaware

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