In Memorium: Russ Volckmann


The first things I read today in the new issue of Integral Leadership Review were the letters to Russ Volckmann, the journal’s late editor. Here’s one of the letters for Russ:

It has been just over nine months since Russ passed. There is an immense hole in our lives. At his ocean ceremony in Monterrey California, I expressed how Russ helped me believe in humanity again. The absolute joy and love on his face when he looked at Jeannie, the love and kindness in his eyes when he looked into my soul, the gratitude, respectful love, and excitement he shared with Eric, blessed us so very much in his last few years. He was mostly able to by-pass the “integral drama,” the inevitable conflict that arises with the emergence of a new consciousness, and treat each person with humanity and grace, while encouraging them to become their purpose. Our soul family misses you truly, madly, deeply, and will endeavour to honour your legacy.

Until next time. Sending you light and love,


Here’s Russ’s bio at Integral Publishers:

Russ Volckmann, (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, Political Science and Public Administration) has worked for over thirty years as an organization development consultant and executive coach. In addition he studied humanistic psychology at Sonoma State University and focused on Gestalt Therapy and Jungian Archetypal Psychology. He was a Fulbright Fellow in India.

He has taught at U.C., Berkeley; the University of Arizona; the United States Army Intelligence School at Ft. Juachuca, Arizona; Sonoma State University; Golden Gate University; John F. Kennedy University; Leadership University; the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, Saybrook Institute and Union Graduate Institute and University. In addition he has served on dissertation committees for the Fielding Graduate Institute, Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, Antioch University, and CIIS. He has worked for over thirty years as an organization development consultant and executive coach. He has received and/or led training in many areas, including integral consciousness, integral leadership, Spiral Dynamics, stress management, sensory awareness, communication skills, organizational systems change and development, problem solving, team building, personal power and influence, transactional analysis, gestalt therapy, neo-Reichian body therapies, project management and leadership, total quality management and dialogue. He has participated in numerous trainings for coaches with BCoach Systems, the Coaches Training Institute and the Executive Coaching Program, Professional School of Psychology.

Although I don’t recall ever meeting Russ personally, he had a role in the publication of my third book, The Kalendar, Book One: The Black Stone, which was published in concert with Integral Publishers. I will always be grateful to Russ for being on the team that decided to take a risk with publishing a highly unusual avante garde work of fantasy fiction and epic poetry.

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