Does it matter “where I’m at” in the Enneagram?


I’m a 1w9 in the Integral Nonagon, which is my own interpretation of the Enneagram wisdom tradition, which I associate with the archetype of The Balancer. I tend to see how things fall short by being out of balance with “the whole” of things. Don’t get me wrong. Insofar as Enneagram 1 types go, I also have plenty of personal perfectionist and idealistic traits too, and am still learning how to not be too hard on myself, but it’s the world “out there”, specifically the threat of order and progress breaking down into chaos that tends to really rile me up. It’s an odd mix of conservative and progressive tendencies, aware of both the need for change in the status quo and the possibility for well-intended reforms to go awry.

Coincidence or not, I’m also a Virgo in the sixth house, so perhaps there’s a karmic connection to my personality type as well.

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