If my political ideology were a mini-golf course…


It would look a bit like this one. It’s hard to get the ball in the anthill hole no matter where you’re coming from on any side, but it is possible with enough patience and determination. 🙂

Why? Basically, the way I see it, it’s how I see the best expression of Global-Mind (turquoise) in the world of politics today. Unlike a politics enacting the Systemic-Mind’s systemic critique of oppressive social structures (which includes the Green and Teal/Yellow orientations and is probably the more common position among Integralists at this point in time), the Global-Mind has to integrate the needs identified by the Protective-Mind (beige and purple), the Formal-Mind (red and amber), the Diligent-Mind (orange), the Systemic-Mind (green and teal/yellow), the X-Mind (indigo), the Meta-Mind (violet), the Audi-Mind (ultraviolet), and the Uni-Mind (clear light).

In the Kalendar artwork, The Global-Mind is basically the White Horse communicating and conveying the perspectives, interests, and needs of all those different stations of life into a cohesive construct of governance. And in the artwork of the Nine Elements, the Global-Mind is the Element of Earth (yin-yin).

The Global-Mind isn’t hypothetical. It’s real. It’s really active in the world today, right now. There’s a glint of it in each of us, and it’s our inner tendency if we are at all attuned to holistic spirituality. From the top of the anthill, we see where the balls are rolling up to greet us and are frustrated when they don’t have the trajectory or force to make it all the way up the hill. From the hole at the top, there is an emptiness that drills into Gaia until it is level with everyone else’s level, as a sort of “centrist” position that isn’t a middle between two extreme ideologies, but a corrective and conserving compromise between the underlying interests of those ideologies along with the interests of other considerations not present to those ideologies, particularly the need to protect the sustainability of the planet itself for healthy civilization now and for future generations.

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