I must admit to being sympathetic to Kanye West lately…


No one can accuse me of not having voiced concerns about the Trump presidency, but I have to admit that Kanye West also has my sympathies. The rapper superstar has been taking to Twitter lately to say complimentary things about Donald Trump.

Before liberals get outraged and start playing the “mental health” card against him, they should probably consider that he genuinely seems to be more interested in freedom of expression than in right-wing or nationalist ideology. He did say, after all, not only “He’s my brother. I love him.” but also “I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.”

This morning he adds:

Too late! Of course, many on the left have already voiced their outrage and played the “mental health” card. Consequently, Kanye has become a darling of the right. On Real Clear Politics, Adriana Cohen writes:

A cultural shift is happening before our very eyes.
Entertainment royalty and prominent blacks in American society, long beholden to the Democrat Party, had a rare breakout moment this week, setting the social media stratosphere ablaze.

She praises Kanye for challenging liberal groupthink, and I tend to agree that that’s a good thing even if I dislike his flirtations with The Donald. Before anyone concludes that what the US needs is a powerful third party (that’s a separate topic), let me suggest that fundamentally what this country needs is a healthy left, free of illiberal attacks on dissenters, and a healthy right, free of its own ideological fundamentalism. A great system is possible if people from both right and left work hard to clean up their side of the street.

P.S.: Yes, please, everyone, let’s stop playing the “mental health” card in political discussions. That shit cray.

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