I get what Hanzi Freinacht means by extolling both cynicism and idealism…


I get what Hanzi Freinacht means by extolling both cynicism and idealism, but don’t expect me to agree that Integral needs to get more cynical. Cynicism isn’t actually the opposite of idealism. That’s realism, and that’s the value that an integral ethos ought to integrate. Unless people suddenly start using the word in a different way, it looks like we’re stuck with the real world usage of cynicism as a form of realism gone bad, pessimism gone off the deep end into the pathological realm.

You don’t integrate something that can’t be rehabilitated. But do value realism and all the negative aspects that come out when we look at the Real unflinchingly, and bring that constructively into our worldview artistry. That’s one way that we tap into the Sephirot of Realization.

Now it’s also possible to re-conceive of idealism, cynicism, and realism as a sort of three-way Hegelian dialectic with realism merging the former two. That’s a notion that might be worth considering.

Hanzi Freinacht: “A paradigm is needed that without apology takes both an uncompromisingly cynical view of society and a deeply idealistic one.”

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