How prayer and belief are connected


A progressive Christian psychologist and minister writes: “The way people pray is the way they believe. The reverse is also true: the way people believe is the way we pray.”

This reminds me to say: In Lingua-U, Prayer (𝌋) is the yin to the yang of Belief (𝌇); they are united in yung as what we give Voice (𝌍) to. At the third mark, the Mark of Letter, these three words — Belief, Prayer, and Voice — form a unity of yang, yin, and yung. At the fourth mark, the Mark of Orientation, both Belief and Voice are responsive, receptive, and passive (yin) whereas Prayer is a meeting of active and passive, God and person (yung).

This won’t make sense to you now. How could it? But as my worldview unfolds, it could begin to look clearer.

There’s a technical term for the sort of lesson I just gave you. It’s not important right now, but you can think of it as a special kind of true fable.

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