How Integralists Roll


Do integralists spend too much time “talking about colors” and not enough on ideas? I’ve heard that said, and there’s some truth to it for sure.

But isn’t that like saying the wheel spends way too much time driving on the rubber as opposed to the spokes? In other words, one can enumerate ideas when one wants to talk about ideas, but when one is talking about systems or the interrelationships of multiple systems, or paradigms, or cross-paradigmatic analogies, etc., then one moves to the appropriate level of abstraction.

In late first-tier stations, conversations revolve around ideas: communism v. capitalism, love v. freedom, Christianity v. Islam, atheism v. theism, etc.

But in the second-tier, one starts thinking and talking “meta”. Only by elevating the analysis to the common patterns shared by multiple phenomena can one start to see new structures of self, culture, society, and spirit that are otherwise invisible. Then one uses labels like Formal-Mind or Amber or the Blue vMEME to describe what you’re looking at and compare it to other structures.

That’s the nature of second-tier discourse, basically, so rather than complain about it it’s best to just accept it and move along. Once second-tier discourse has an honored place in one’s life and one is competent in the use of meta-systemic terminology, then it’s appropriate to learn the skills around re-engaging “talking about ideas” in plain speech, informed by a perspective that cannot be fully articulated to those with whom you are conversing because it is “over their heads”.

It’s sad when communication is made more difficult as a result of one’s personal evolution, but the happy part is that whole new possibilities open for communication with those who can comprehend you because talking colors isn’t “over their heads”. Together you can read a quotation like this one from Ken Wilber’s Boomeritis:

The blue meme is an absolutely crucial, unavoidable, necessary building block of the higher stages — inCluding green.

Since green dissolves blue, it ‘has introduced more harm in the last thirty years than any other meme.’

And appreciate that you BOTH know what the heck he’s talking about, even if you disagree vehemently … and enjoy new sorts of conversations and the sharing of mutual self-esteem.

Basically, when you’re driving on the rubber, you ARE driving on the spokes. That’s how you roll.

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