How do you measure authentic community? I would need to write a full article on the subject… it’s a good one. Lingua-U suggests the answer is connected to the following nine words/energies at nine distinct stations – i.e. The Majestic at the Seat of Structure at the Collective Subjective Quadrant:

Yang-Yang: Bearing – a community must bear the burdens of its members

Yang-Yin: Fellowship – a community must conquer fear together and be festive

Yang-Yung: Temple – a community must be a source of resilience amidst life’s tempests

Yin-Yang: Sharing – a community must share its resources to generate equitability

Yin-Yin: Agape – a community must enfold through love all that is lesser developed

Yin-Yung: Cherishing – a community must cherish past, present, and future in union

Yung-Yang: Nearness – a community must foster proximity to nature and “newness”

Yung-Yin: Helpfulness – a community must foster “we’re hereness” to beings in all worlds

Yung-Yung: Leadership – a community must provide Kosmocentric leadership

I didn’t “invent” these nine words. They are the words (in English) that possess the station of The Majestic at the Seat of Structure at the Collective Subjective Quadrant in each of the Nine Stations of Life. Each of these words tells stories about what a community needs to do in its interiors in order to be “the best it can be” at that station.

Other stories are possible, but this is a good one.

This is the story as told by the sound symbols of English only. Other languages tell other unique stories with their own dignity.

I’d like to write an essay on this topic in the months ahead because there are some valid questions that are difficult to answer. For instance, does it devalue a concept like authenticity where ‘authenticity’ is not about content but the conformity or consistency of messages across communicative channels (gesture, speech, eye movement, etc.)? I don’t think it does, but I can’t give a simple explanation for my views at this time. I’m confused about it myself.

The problem that I am wrestling with in terms of Lingua-U is that ‘authenticity’ is in a special class of words that start with the vowel ‘aa’ (such as Object, Art, and Allah). These words are part of the Ninth Station of Life which means that they can be understood given their conventional usage as applying universally, but also they have a special sense to the 9th-person-perspective which is ‘post-dual’ or ‘ternary self-awareness’. When I figure it out, if I figure it out, I’ll give a better reply. i don’t want to just go along with the conventional understanding of the word ‘authentic’ but really dig into its nature as seen from the Lingua-U, and I’m not quite ready to do that yet.

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