How do we listen differently at Green/Teal v. Turquoise v. Indigo?


At the Second Tier, we do listen to content, no matter where it comes from on an ideological spectrum or religious tradition. If it speaks to us authentically and creates value, then we do what we can to include it into our life in some fashion.

This fact is on my mind today because I have been writing about The Evolutionary, which I associate with the 4th-person-perspective (Green and Teal), and have noticed that its way of including can be markedly different than The Attentive, which I associate with the 5th-person-perspective (Turquoise).

Early in the Second Tier, we listen because we are becoming self-aware of evolutionary processes within and outside ourselves, and like a snake who must shed her skin, we need to adapt in order to survive. We listen to adapt ourselves, our society, and the ethos of the world.

Later, as the Second Tier matures, we tend to listen because we are attending to a new situation arising: the possibility of a global apocalypse or catastrophe beyond anything we have previously imagined. Now we are not concerned to merely enact an evolutionary process; impatiently perhaps, we feel a need to grab that process with authority and guide it in ways that can sustain the entire Earth and protect the civilization that has brought us to our present stage. Thus, when we listen, it is to investigate an issue impacting throughout all the stages and tiers of consciousness we are capable of recognizing; we are drawn to problems of global importance, true quagmires and quandries that urgently need alleviation. So we are more selective, and less personalistic, in what we grant our attention to. We listen to create conditions of life that we are called to by the Spirit of evolution itself.

Late in the Second Tier (Indigo)*, at the archetype of The Chosen One, our listening may be expanded in psychic directions: energy channels or extra-sensory perceptions or oracular sources that were not on our radar screen at any time in the past. We started the Second Tier by listening to evolve; later we listened to attend to the conditions of the present; finally, we listened because our growing alignment with the energy fields of the Earth itself awakened forces that we may not have been expecting, up to and including Gaia herself.

* Note: In The Kalendar, Indigo is the last third of the Second Tier. This departs from other integrative theories which have put it at the start of the Third Tier.

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