The Kalendar Symbol

A well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic trees.


Every day they come to fetch water from the well. They crank the rope lower until the bucket is fully submerged in water. Then they raise it carefully so as not to spill. At last, they have what they came for. They will do it again every day until the well runs dry, and then they will seek for another source of water. The future is veiled behind a curtain.

The Lingua-U Correspondences

No. 314. 𝌨𝌅 itaa, ɛʍu, ʒi’aa, ʒo’u, ʒj                               Ternary No. 102122

Platform: Object:
Example Ʒo’uqi: Cycle (Of Time), Cyclical (Chinese) 週期
Kalendar Golden Egg 37 AM (May 28 AM), 1292 CE – 1296 CE
Klock 10:24 AM
Atlas 12° S Lat, 178.5° E Long
AQAL The Unified Zones of Unitive Types at the Integrated Subjective Quadrants of the 4th-P.P.
§4.8.9 The Majestic at the Seat of Motion at the Throne of Treasuring at the Letter of Enfolding


No. 315. 𝌩⚌ izeɪ, ɛraɪ, ʒu’eɪ, ʒæ’aɪ, ʒm                            Ternary No. 102200

Platform: Object:
Example Ʒæp: Pocket (Serbo-Croatian) Žep
Kalendar Golden Egg 37 PM (May 28 PM), 1296 CE – 1300 CE
Klock 10:26 AM
Atlas 11.75° S Lat, 179° E Long
AQAL The Outside Zones of Agentic Types at the Integrated Coalescing Quadrants of the 4th-P.P.
§4.9.1 The Yang Master at the Seat of Actualization at the Throne of Eros at the Letter of Enfolding


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