The Kalendar Symbol

In the face of repeated misfortune, a woman accepts her fate gracefully. They would do anything for her.


Intimacy reaches a new degree of radically embodied closeness.  Many trials have been set before her, but she weathers them without disgrace. Facing menopause, she does not abandon love. Even when facing the prospect of death, she does not waver in her graciousness. Every life she touches is transformed by her example. An Emptiness deeper than shunyataa is emphasized; its social dimension is manifest. It is unblocked.

The Lingua-U Correspondences

No. 296. 𝌦𝌅 iðaa, ɛju, ʃu’aa, ʃaa’u, ʃy                                                                   Ternary No. 101222

Platform: Object:
Example Ɛjukeɪʃən: Education
Kalendar Golden Egg 28 AM (May 19 AM), 1218 CE – 1222 CE
Klock 9:48 AM
Atlas 16.5° S Lat, 169.5° E Long
AQAL The Unified Zones of Unitive Types at the Collective Coalescing Quadrants of the 4th-P.P.
§4.6.9 The Majestic at the Seat of Consciousness at the Throne of Sunyata at the Letter of Shunting


No. 297. 𝌧⚌ ideɪ, ɛmaɪ, ʒaɪ’eɪ, ʒeɪ’aɪ, ʒb                                                                Ternary No. 102000

Platform: Object:
Example Ʒblokohɛt: It Becomes Unblocked, It Regains Functionality (Albanian) Zhbllokohet
Kalendar Golden Egg 28 PM (May 19 PM), 1222 CE – 1226 CE
Klock 9:50 AM
Atlas 16.25° S Lat, 170° E Long
AQAL The Outside Zones of Agentic Types at the Integrated Objective Quadrants of the 4th-P.P.
§4.7.1 The Yang Master at the Seat of Basis at the Throne of Empathy at the Letter of Enfolding


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