The Kalendar Symbol

A vocalist tunes his lower register to produce pitches of low frequency.


Instruments of wood and string attract the soul’s sojourning into realms usually unnoticed. Thoughts disappear into the Source. The sore body disappears into the balanced Soma. Bats use sound waves to sort through noise to locate their home. The voice uses soulful tones to soothe. The self is settled; the sun is set; soul now perceives its Source and down, down, down it goes, to the soil, where it feels small. Smriti is approaching oneness with sadness-turned-saturnine.

The Lingua-U Correspondences

No. 260. 𝌢𝌅 ipaa, ɛðu, si’aa, so’u, sj                                                                     Ternary No. 100122

Platform: Object:
Example Sol: Soul
Kalendar Golden Egg 10 AM (May 1 AM), 1070 CE – 1074 CE
Klock 8:36 AM
Atlas 25.5° S Lat, 151.5° E Long
AQAL The Unified Zones of Unitive Types at the Individual Subjective Quadrant of the 4th-P.P.
§4.2.9 The Majestic at the Seat of Motion at the Throne of Success at the Letter of Self-Sensing

No. 261. 𝌣⚌ iveɪ, ɛdaɪ, su’eɪ, sæ’aɪ, sm                                                                 Ternary No. 100200

Platform: Object:
Example Smriti: Memory, Recollection, Mindfulness (Sanskrit) स्मृति
Kalendar Golden Egg 10 PM (May 1 PM), 1074 CE – 1078 CE
Klock 8:38 AM
Atlas 25.25° S Lat, 152° E Long
AQAL The Outside Zones of Agentic Types at the Individual Coalescing Quadrants of the 4th-P.P.
§4.3.1 The Yang Master at the Seat of Actualization at the Throne of Solitude at the Letter of Self-Sensing


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