The Kalendar Symbol

In a clear mountain stream, a salmon run faces a bear as it proceeds homeward.


The clear stream rapidly flows away from its source high in the snow-capped mountains. Coursing over jagged rocks, it cuts a groove powerful enough to change the ways of nature for many kilometers around, without ever varying its life-giving essence. The cycle of life drives salmon to migrate to the upper reaches of the river where they will spawn ere dying. At this spot in sacred time, the inception of Spirit itself approaches, the base of the Spiral of existence. It is not absent at this time, but present in what is already manifest, for That is divinity.

The Lingua-U Correspondences

No. 242. 𝌠𝌅 aɪyaa, ʊyu, zu’aa, zaa’u, zy                         Ternary No. 022222

Platform: Object:
Example (Aaz) Zaahir: The Manifest, The Evident, The Outer (A Name Of Allah) (Arabic) الظاهر
Kalendar Golden Egg 1 AM (Apr. 22 AM), 996 CE – 1000 CE
Klock 8:00 AM
Atlas 30° S Lat, 142.5° E Long
AQAL The Unified Zones of Unitive Types at the Integrated Coalescing Quadrants of the 3rd-P.P.
§3.9.9 The Majestic at the Seat of Consciousness at the Throne of Zeus at the Letter of Zeitgeist


No. 243. 𝌡⚌ ibeɪ, ɛbaɪ, saɪ’eɪ, seɪ’aɪ, sb                            Ternary No. 100000

Platform: Object:
Example Seɪfti: Safety
Kalendar Golden Egg 1 PM (Apr. 22 PM), 1000 CE – 1004 CE
Klock 8:02 AM
Atlas 29.75° S Lat, 143° E Long
AQAL The Outside Zone of Agentic Types at the Individual Objective Quadrant of the 4th-P.P.
§4.1.1 The Yang Master at the Seat of Basis at the Throne of Evolution at the Letter of Self-Sensing


Additional Notes

safety (English): the condition of being protected from harm or damage.

How the Manifest has fallen! From Zaahir, the penultimate station in Yang to Safety, the first station in Yin. Other words at this station include Sabian, Sapient, Saving, Savior, and Sadism. The name of the Christian devil, Satan, is found here; the name of the Islamic devil, Iblis, is found later in the same Throne (according to one of its common pronunciations).

The Throne of Zeus is gone; the Throne of Evolution arrives. Safety is the opening dance. A dramatically new organization of the Real is occurring and the self must protect what it has and understands.

The Systemic-Mind has begun, and it is the Yin to the Yang of the Protective-Mind. Deeply protective instincts have surfaced, but they take a new form. The self does not seek its own self-aggrandizement; it finds solace in connection.

Within the Throne of Evolution, Safety is the Yang to the Yin of Siddha or Sitting, the meditative gifts and posture, and the Yung of Evidence. A deeply skeptical stance has emerged wherein the Real is weighed against empirical criteria.

Within the Letter of Self-Sense, Safety is the Yang to the Yin of Separation. Not only is the self now bereft of the entire First Tier and Season of Yang, it is also beginning to sense its own aloneness as never before. Safety and Separation meet at the Yung of Sadness or Satisfaction.

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