From now until the solstice, this site is under construction.


I am currently making renovations of a significant nature to the “Integral Spirituality in Real Life” website. Such changes include:

  • Fixes to broken image problem on dozens of images.
  • Adding placeholder content for all 365 days of The Kalendar.
  • Linking The Kalendar content to the Facebook page and keeping both synchronized.
  • Republishing entries in The Kalendar so that their order is oldest-to-newest when displayed chronologically and their URL is proper.
  • Adding featured images to select blog archives (prior to 2018) and publishing selected older content to the blog from the archives.
  • Adding placeholder content for all 54 Animwaa of the New Zodiac.
  • Writing a couple of new articles from my backlog of “nice-to-write” pieces.

I hope to be finished with this to-do list by the winter solstice. Once these site renovations are complete, I’ll announce the next stage of the site’s evolution. Thanks for your readership!

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