Don’t think of Yellow/Teal as a messianic force. It’s not.


To P.A.:

Why did I say that Teal is basically cleaning up Green’s dirty diapers? Simple: that’s how Visionaries are called into action. They are most needed when the world around them is falling apart and a solution needs to be architected.

I believe you’ve seen my article on Green/Teal (Teal is the final third of Systemic-Mind, bringing Green’s self-actualization together with its bent towards social equitability). Green/Teal is the real start of the second-tier. That’s my model & I think it’s the most accurate one, but there are several different reasonable ways of dividing up the lines, right? All the major models can be “right” insofar as they point out stuff the other models are missing. In my opinion, Spiral Dynamics errs though in painting Yellow as some sort of messianic force. It’s not. It’s the ArcheStation of the Visionary, and that’s noble enough.

The Nine Elements. The Golden Egg is aligned with the Element of Air and The White Horse is aligned with the Element of Earth.

So everything Green has accomplished — all the human liberation movements and civil rights movements among them, ecological awareness and activism, global citizenship, interfaith/interspiritual endeavors, depth psychology and all the self-actualization and human potential movements, the sexual revolution, the socially complex self, that’s all *us*, that’s the real second-tier at work. But Green shits itself and gets messy and prone to dysfunction and shadow, and that’s where Teal comes in to integrate and save the way, making explicit their implicit structures, putting an embodied and enactive spin on things, curbing Green’s excesses and showing Green what it has forgotten to include (Development. Hello!), etc. The healthier Green gets as a result of Teal’s criticism, that’s all the second-tier’s doing. The whole second-tier gets credit for it, not just Green, not just Teal.

Turquoise — the Month of the White Horse — is what the leading-edge thinkers need to pay more attention to. Teal builds the visions, it can design the engineering blueprints, but it can’t construct the solutions on its own. It’s Yin-Yin energy… wow… the world is in the hands of a White Horse at this point in our evolution. Maybe a Knight or Nobleman or Lady riding that steed. It has a unique set of gifts that it has to utilize to the fullest if the world has a chance at success. It’s gotta be the “universal donor” and “communicator-in-chief” that translates between all Nine Stations of Life.

The White Horse doesn’t have the time or disposition to change dirty diapers. It lets the criticism of postmodernity go (or entrusts it to the hands of Teal). It has to operationalize the Global-Mind in order to resolve the threat of Chaos.

Re: “absolutely NOTHING momentous has come about through Yellow yet?”. I would beg to differ. Yellow is the Element of Air. You want it to be a different sort of Element, but it’s not that. You need to judge it by what Air can achieve. It counts among its achievements so far many dozens of books, Ph.D. dissertations, educational organizations, a think tank or two, and probably millions of words of social media posts and chat room comments. Wilber’s works alone are basically the equivalent of Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica, and he did it without even holding a university position. Doesn’t that count for something? That’s how Air works. It’s cleaning up the messes and dysfunctions of Green, word by word. (And I’m not saying Wilber is writing at Teal or for Teal; he’s contributing to all Nine Stations, as I see it, but I think it’s fair to include the movement he has inspired as a big part of the Yellow/Teal phenomenon.)

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