Iwaata (Echidna)

Poem by Mikayla Borchard

The Echidna

A little crack appears in the egg
Out pops a little leg
Something wiggles out all the way
A little echidna is born today 

Echidna sits in Mummy's pouch
It's as comfy as a couch
Echidna drinks Mummy's milk
Her little body soft as silk

Echidna baby growing each day
Now she's not pink, she is grey
Now Echidna walks next to Mummy
Finding food to put in her tummy

Echidna is now growing prickles 
Which are not good for tickles
Echidna now eats lots of bugs 
From their nests she gently tugs

Echidna is now a full grown female
With many males on her tail
Echidna chooses the one she likes best 
With him, she lays down to rest

She lays an egg in their den
Now the cycle starts again

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