Does it upset you when I take a verbally assertive posture with someone?…


Does it upset you when I take a verbally assertive posture with someone? I’ve been told I’m bullish. I can live with that description. I’ve been called a bully (not true, though obviously the person who said this felt that I was intimidating to him). Let’s step back from the personality styles and typologies or masculine/feminine energy frames for a minute (not to invalidate those angles) and try to look at it from my perspective.

The world has reached a point where a small percentage of people are arriving at a developmentally-informed and globally-aware perspective for the first time. That’s huge. I call it the arrival of Systemic-Mind and Global-Mind respectively. It is truly a Second Tier of consciousness, among other things. As our species is beginning to grasp systemic processes, we have to reboot all our cognitive, moral, and spiritual assumptions and processes. This is a fucking incredibly perilous and important endeavor that we are in with many opportunities for disaster. We need to take our work seriously, you see?

That means pruning the trees when they grow out of control and block the sunlight or choke other vital foliage.

That means noticing when our companions in this Second Tier endeavor (call them Green if you will) see the world through unrealistic, foolish naiveté or Svaadhiʃθaanə-gazing narcissism. Arguably they have rebooted and up-leveled Beige and Purple but Red is in their blind spot. We might need to help them work through this transition from early Second Tier to more mature Second Tier so they don’t just scuttle the whole movement.

That means worrying more about substance and correctness and not tone. Fuck tone. We’re talking about the future of our species, civilization, and the sustainability of the planet. If someone’s feelings get hurt by their having been told an unpleasant truth, please, are we still talking about caretaking the sensitivities of adults who need their egos stroked? Let’s move on. #fucktone

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