Did I bash Jordan B. Peterson in my post on the “Second Tier”?…



Did I bash Jordan B. Peterson in my post on the “Second Tier” as a reader recently claimed when he shared this video? If you read what I wrote, it’s technically not accurate to say that I bashed Peterson himself. I poked fun at his fans a bit with my “demonizing like actual demons” remark, at least those among them who act in the way I described. I like this video & have read a transcript of it before. Peterson’s central argument about postmodernism here — that it doesn’t take seriously enough the real constraints upon interpretation — is spot-on.

Unfortunately, from my perspective, Peterson thinks he has proven postmodernists “wrong”, where as I would prefer to frame his accomplishment as having established a partial “meta-” perspective on postmodernists which establishes a fuller context (i.e., the need to account for suffering and death and other evolutionary constraints as impinging upon interpretation). In Integral terms, it’s a Context-Aware move (Strategist/Teal), or as I put it, late or mature Systemic-Mind as opposed to early or immature Systemic-Mind. So based on this video evidence alone, it appears to me that Peterson is acting as implicitly Context-Aware, but framing or “languaging” his argument in terms of Orange (what I call Diligent-Mind). #jbpeterson #integral #contextaware

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