I’ve written a description for The Worldview Artist: Episode III, my novel in progress. I wrote a sketch of it last year as part of an (unpublished) autobiography and still have quite a bit of work to both fictionalize and novelize it, but it is on the way. Probably 2020 at the earliest, I would guess. Here’s a taste:

The Worldview Artist, Episode III: The Backwards, Upside-Down World

A Novel Based on a True Story

In the year 2008, the Zyeus Avatar left behind a world which never recognized him as a God-Man. Six thousand miles away, a computer programmer, George Pascea, begins to hear his voice whenever he is plugged into the LinguaTron, a software program where THE WORDS HE TYPES are translated into subtle energy.

George is told that at a spiritual level the world works differently than the way it is commonly assumed. What’s more, the entire way the world has become (dis-)organized linguistically is upside-down and backwards, thus putting in peril the souls in all worlds.

With Zyeus having gone on to another plane of existence, George is left with a series of brutal puzzles concerning the true nature of reality. He departs his home for the Integral Midway, a spiritual center founded by a philosopher who created an intellectual edifice which suggests the synthesis of all human knowledge.

There Pascea discovers an ancient Chinese secret oracle, Taixuanjing, that could be a clue from Zyeus. But after he reprograms the LinguaTron in a new code base, a door is opened to an army of spirits from another world—and Pascea finds himself a spiritual warrior in a fight with entropy-based rivals who are determined to seize the Earth for themselves.

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