Data scientist: to combat scientific misinformation, unlock the science papers…


The New York Times: Emily Gorcenski is a data scientist and activist who has studied how fake science spreads on the internet. In her view, snark or cheeky videos are not the problem: If people are really committed to a piece of pseudoscience, a video from someone like Mr. Zozaya will not convince them otherwise, no matter how respectful. Rather, she’s more concerned with how much science is locked up behind university doors or in paid journals. She said, “We’re partly in this position that we’re in because scientific communication, scientific writing, is deeply inaccessible. If there is something that makes it more accessible for people, then I’m all for it.”

Here’s another thought: improve scientific education for adults by providing free or low-cost community college courses led by actual scientists for people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to real scientists.

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