Taixuanjing for Today

Before Lingua-U can arrive in the world, there's one other book that needs to come first. It's a fresh interpretation of one of the world's most enigmatic classics, all but forgotten for centuries. Wait for it! Scheduled for 2020

Twelve Steps Higher

A Book Based on the Fabulous Recovery Blog of the Same Name... Coming in 2020 or 2021

Lingua-U: The Unitive Metalanguage

Coming in 2020 or 2021

The Kalendar: The Black Stone, Book One

The Kalendar Series (Tangent Publishers) The Kalendar Series is a genre-disrupting fantasy/adventure mix of poetry, fiction, philosophy, and art. The nine book series starts with The Black Stone in 2016 followed by The Red Jewel and then The Brown Sword. The story tracks the life and events of Kalen O’Tolan, an immortal being granted 3,000 years on Earth, starting at Year...

Soulfully Gay

Soulfully Gay is one of the first memoirs in the tradition of Integral Spirituality, a look at the world from the eyes of a gay man struggling with meaning and values, and a suspenseful story of self-realization in the midst of many challenges. It is a chronology which unfolds amid 14 months in the life of a gay man...

Rising Up

Joe Perez’s writings concerning his spiritual journey, begun in Soulfully Gay, continue in Rising Up, a book compiled from Joe’s columns and short writings in 2005 and 2006. Joe’s emerging sensibility for cultural and social criticism is on display in twelve chapters on such diverse subjects as sex, HIV/AIDS, popular culture, business, politics, religion, and alternative spirituality. The goal...

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Don’t balk! It’s the Week of the Jeiraani (Springbok)

Springbok - Poem by Oskar Hansen Antelope. A springbok runs fast on the savanna avoiding lions and other predators, but ultimately it is destined to become food for...