Can supporting a candidate who is “hawkish” turn you Red?…


Can supporting a candidate who is “hawkish” turn you Red? To the guy (or should I say doctor? his bio says he’s a Ph.D.) who claimed that the 100+ evolutionaries or integralists who signed a letter of support for a political candidate who he thinks was too hawkish are “pre-personal” in their psychological development — in other words, that they are acting with no more complexity than a pre-adolescent: That is one of the worst examples of developmental analysis that I have ever seen. I don’t know why it’s so hard for some people to use developmental tools in the way they were designed, but it’s sad when someone with a doctorate can write such drivel. And the social media post in which he wrote what he did was liked dozens of times by a bunch of people who one would like to think really ought to have known better. It’s a sad truth, but simply learning about Integral theory doesn’t make one an integralist in demeanor, temperament, or sophistication of consciousness. If you can’t use the tools well, at least have the humility to know where your limitations are. #badintegralism

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