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The Kalendar Series (Tangent Publishers, 2015-2017)

The Kalendar Series is a genre-disrupting fantasy/adventure mix of poetry, fiction, philosophy, and art. The nine book series starting with The Black Stone in the Fall of 2015, followed by The Red Jewel and then The Brown Sword. The story tracks the life and events of Kalen O’Tolan, an immortal being granted 3,000 years on Earth, starting at Year 0 CE through the Year 3,000 CE. Kalen is a warrior, a poet, and a magician who has been tutored in a magical language—the use of which has the power to create or destroy Worlds. The hero’s journey is synchronized by a New Kalendar which brings forth a secret union to the hours of the day, the timetables of history, the sounds of language, and cosmology.

As Kalen’s journey unfolds from the site of the Oracle at Delphi, he heads into the East to fulfill his destiny in the Kosmic Wars beginning with the War of the Zodiac, the War of the Archetypes, and the War of the Deities … all before his 27th birthday. In order to defeat the powers arrayed against him in the Kosmic Wars, Kalen must first wield the Omphalos of Delphi, the Ruby of the Rubicon, and the Emperor’s Sword. In the process, the hero must advance in both consciousness and knowledge or face a devastating defeat. At stake is nothing less than saving All-That-Is from the relentless encroachment of the Entropy-creating Ro, an evil darkness which threatens existence.

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Soulfully Gay (Integral Books/Shambhala, 2007)

Soulfully Gay is one of the first memoirs in the tradition of Integral Spirituality, a look at the world from the eyes of a gay man struggling with meaning and values, and a suspenseful story of self-realization in the midst of many challenges. It is a chronology which unfolds amid 14 months in the life of a gay man wrestling with fundamental issues of meaning and self-acceptance, a time in which he remembers forgotten memories which threaten his sense of identity and in which he discovers the Integral philosophy which promises to mend the fragments of his life. As Joe’s journey unfolds, his consciousness expands and his inner conflicts are healed, and his chronicle stands as lasting record of the changes he undergoes. The culmination of his striving is the development of a theory of Homophilia or “gayness” which brings a new theological vision to bear in the discourse around the spiritual significance of same-sex love. (352 pages)

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Rising Up (Lulu, 2006)

Joe Perez’s writings concerning his spiritual journey, begun in Soulfully Gay, continue in Rising Up, a book compiled from Joe’s columns and short writings in 2005 and 2006. Joe’s emerging sensibility for cultural and social criticism is on display in twelve chapters on such diverse subjects as sex, HIV/AIDS, popular culture, business, politics, religion, and alternative spirituality. The goal of criticism, according to Joe, is to situate the object of criticism into its most appropriate locations in a more comprehensive worldview than is given by the object itself. Joe accomplishes this by situating his own thought in the context of Integral discourse, in particular a theory of everything pioneered by Ken Wilber, Don Beck, and Jim Marion, among others. There are few examples of writers attempting an Integral social criticism, and this book showcases a direct and sometimes strident and personal style. (248 pages)

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