Blue Castle 25 PM (September 15 PM)

The Inside Zone of Yin at the Collective Coalescing 7th-Person Perspective

The Yin Master at the Seat of Outwardness at the Throne of Now at the Letter of Negativity

nuclear: relating to the nucleus of an atom; relating to the nucleus of a cell

The activity of “now” is old News, the previous moment’s Noose. All that was is hung for the sake of the is.

The activity of “now” is nuclear activity, pertaining to the nucleus — i.e., the central and most important part of an object, movement, or group, forming the basis for its activity and growth. It is unseen by all who are not at the center, but it is no less real for being unseen.

If it is “Now”, it is Yin at the 7th-person-perspective. It is seemingly all encompassing because it embraces phenomena of self, other, object, system, multi-paradigmatic, para-mental, and meta-mental. All of these views hold the “Now”, which is its outer envelope, and shape it into the carrier of Nur (Arabic), Divine Light.

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