Blue Castle 24: Natural


Blue Castle 24 AM (September 14 AM)

The Outside Zone of Yin at the Collective Coalescing 7th-Person Perspective

The Yin Master at the Seat of Actualization at the Throne of Now at the Letter of Negativity

knack: an acquired or natural skill at performing a task

Subjective and objective aspects of culture coalesce at the Seat of Actualization at the Letter of Negativity. The individual has suffered a dark night or even a personal nadir, leaving them lighter and naked. The nation or network has been emptied of what came before, which eventually acquiesced as activity in the midst of a growing decline. At last, the Throne of Now appears, powerful in its potential, seductive, and carnal.

The Throne of Now’s activity forces the individual, diminished, to adapt and learn new skills to meet the changing cultural conditions. That which is natural is preferred. That which is nasty or gnashing is inevitable. The national character appears in the habits of the nation’s people. Eventually, knacks appear to breach the gap between what the individual can do and what the society requires in its present needs.

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