Whither Astrology in the New Magick?

Integral Magic™ Regards Today’s Astrology as Artifacts of an Earlier Worldview

There is a gulf between astrological concepts in Integral Magic™ and the same thoughts as they are used in other schools of Magick or by most astrologers practicing the ancient art. The Integral Magician regards contemporary Signs as artifacts of an earlier school of art-work, much as Enlightenment artists incorporated ideas from Renaissance art into their works, but maintained a critical distance.

Now the gulf between astrological concepts has opened into a wide canyon. On one side, the Integral Magician regards the old ideas of astrology as ingredients to make new recipes, building blocks for constructing new temples of thought, or pixels for arranging into new digital realities. But to the old astrology, the New Zodiac looks bereft of practical applications and ready answers to age old questions.

At this point in time, many of the proofs of the astrologer’s trade are not in existence with the New Zodiac. There are rough prototypes in some cases, but nothing ready for entering into serious public conversation. There are no birthcharts. There are no software programs for computing horoscopes. There are not even books to explicate the foundations of the New Zodiac.

All in good time. What we have at this point in time is a ground floor opportunity for the emergence of something new in the place where astrology once reigned supreme. This “something new” could be called astrology or perhaps not. It depends on too many stories that have not yet been told, the actors not yet cast, the directors and producers not yet having settled into their roles. You, the one reading this, your own role is emerging.

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