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As the creator of the Integral Magic™ system, I am developing an original intellectual edifice with breathtaking implications for invigorating indigenous, esoteric, meta-modernist, and new age wisdom.

About Integral Magic™

What is the Future of Magick?

Integral Magic™ (a.k.a. Integral Magick or the New Magick) is the system of thought which holds that at the core of reality there is a deep underlying unity of Space, Time, and Thought … and it offers a constructed cosmology, complete with a new alphabet and numerology, plus a sacred calendar and geography, in which that underlying unity can be grasped. It builds on the truths of pre-modernism without the ethnocentrism, modernism without the ideology of scientific materialism, and post-modernism without destructive relativism.

A New Suite of Existential Technologies are Coming Soon...

Each of these 9 Integral Magic-based practices is interlaced with the rest, forming a seamless vision of the Creative Universe with the Magician or Sorcerer tapping deeply into the Creativity of All-That-Is.

The New Zodiac

Features the Bear-Yak Zodiac with 54 new astrological signs arrayed in 27 new houses, interwoven with the Ennegram wisdom. Foundation of the praxis of the World Shaman.

The New Tarot

The Stone-Star Tarot features 156 cards in three sets: the Yang Deck, the Yin Deck, and the You Deck. Offers a comprehensive new Map of the Archetypes.

The New Kosmology

A new arrangement for celestial territories and divine realms in which spirits and divinities dwell. Includes 9 Elements in an Enneagram-based Kosmic Mandala.

The New Atlas

The Atlas of Uvoha correlates the Earth's latitudes and longitudes to the New Kosmology and all other features of the Integral Magic system including the Quadrants and Zones of Integral Theory.

The New Klock

The Kaaja, a.k.a. New Klock, correlates the time of day to all other aspects of the Integral Magic system including the concept of States of Consciousness in Integral Theory.

The New Kalendar

Kuzaji, a.k.a. New Kalendar, divides the solar year into 9 months of 40 or 41 days each. It correlates to the concept of Stages of Consciousness in Integral Theory.


The first step toward a Univeral Language of Subtle Energy, Lingua-U Prototype 1.0 focuses on a new alphabet based on the IPA standard, its phonosemantics, and a New Numerology.

Wheel of Wholes

All the components of Integral Magic are envisioned as fully embodied in a divinized world, correlated to home positions in 12 Stations of Consciousness described in Integral Theory.

Map of Subtleties

A set of concepts and embodied practices of Yin, Yang, and You are described in a Map of Subtleties. Offers a new approach to both divination and martial arts through Tai Hsuan for body-mind integration.

The Kalendar Series

The Epic Saga of Kalen O'Tolan Begins

The centerpiece of my ongoing writing is The Kalendar Series. It is a genre-disruptive fantasy/adventure mix of poetry, fiction, philosophy, and art spanning nine volumes. Each book centers on a distinct Station of Consciousness. As an exploration of Integral Magic™, this unary vision of Space, Time, and Thought holds the potential to radically transform developmental thought and contemporary spirituality. It postulates a world on the brink: the First Wave lost, the Second Wave dying, the Third Wave blossoming, and the Fourth Wave at its Turning Point.

The story relates to the emergence of a hero, Kalen O'Tolan, who is a Rounder of the Wheel of Existence. As such, he returns from death to bring a suite of existential technologies which are new weapons in Three Kosmic Wars, Three Kronic Wars, and Three Logical Wars. Together with his allies, he seeks to thwart the Ro, an ancient Chaos-force embodied in Dark Matter, and its evil minions. The first gifts he gives to the world are the New Zodiac, New Tarot, and New Kosmology.

Book One: The Black Stone

Even before his birth, Kalen O'Tolan attracted an audience in the heavens concerned about his welfare, for he is known as a Rounder capable of leading the forces of the Bei against the mighty Ro. His family is beset by evil forces as Kalen is awakened to his purpose, and they flee their home in the hope of survival.

Book Two: The Red Jewel

As a teenager, Kalen O'Tolan gains his education as a warrior, magician, and leader of the forces of the Animwaa in a world on the brink of Kosmic Wars. He finds a soul connection with a young lady who holds the key to his heart, but the price of her love is more costly than he ever imagined.

Book Three: The Brown Sword

Kalen, now a strapping young man, must lead the forces of the Bei in Three Kosmic Wars. In the War of the Zodiac, he faces his greatest challenge: death at the hands of Virgo in the ill-fated Battle of Red Cliffs. Will he and his allies succeed in resurrecting him from death so that he may fulfill his destiny?

Joe Perez’s Early Work

Joe is the author of the highly regarded Integral Spirituality memoir, Soulfully Gay, among other works. These books and blogs mixed autobiography, philosophy, and cultural criticism which cut new grooves in our collective consciousness.

Soulfully Gay

Soulfully Gay (Integral Books/Shambhala, 2007) has been hailed as a masterpiece at the forefront of LGBT spiritual reflection and other contemporary efforts to synchronize individual belief with a chaotic world and fragmented worldviews. It posits a hidden unity at subtle energetic levels which helps to make sense of deep patterns at the root of gender, sexuality, and spirituality. The idea of "homophilia" appears in the book connected to Agape, involution, same-directed reflection, and certain mysteries of Christian revelation. Joe's book does not stop at positing a new theoretical vantage point for "gayness". Step by step, he unfolds a vision which situates gay experience in theology, anthropology, politics, cultural studies, and more. The book concludes by instigating a new winter holiday for the entire LGBT community.

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Rising Up

Rising Up (Lulu, 2006) is a collection of Joe's blog posts in 2005 and 2006 on topics such as justice, politics, spiritual renewal, and religious fundamentalism. In it, he defines the nature of cultural criticism as a process of situating the object of criticism in a wider context than it is capable of holding for itself. He also redefines spiritual activism as engagement through methodologically plural and apparently contradictory means which actually acquire complementary effects through an evolutionary process.

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Apply the Transformative Insights of Integral Magic™

Private individual instruction, consultation, and coaching in the use of Integral Magic™ is available for $180 per hour (minimum $40 for 15 minutes). I offer in-person meetings in Seattle plus phone and video chat for long-distance clients and students. Contact me to set an appointment today.

Career Coaching

Examine insights from Lingua-U and the New Zodiac to help you to align yourself with your purpose and ideal choices for vocation.

Name Selection

Naming a new business, venture, or a newborn? Gain unique insight from the New Numerology of Lingua-U to help make a good decision.


Want insight into your present situation in life or help to resolve a dilemma? We will use the Yang Deck of the New Tarot to find your best options.

Birth Reading

What does your unique sign in the New Zodiac reveal about you? Explore issues on your natal chart or relationship dynamics.

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