Joe Perez is a pioneer in the emerging field of integral / evolutionary philosophy and spirituality and a leading voice in the movement for LGBT rights and cultural change. He is developing a series of nine books called The Kalendar which offer a genre-disrupting mix of epic poetry, prose fiction, philosophy, art, and spiritual teaching. The first three books will be published over the course of the next three years by Tangent Publishers, an imprint of Integral Publishers. The first book is The Black Stone (Kalendar Series, Book 1) on the way in Fall 2015.

Joe is the author of the groundbreaking memoir Soulfully Gay (Integral Books/Shambhala, 2007). In the Foreword, Ken Wilber described Joe’s spiritual autobiography as “perhaps the most astonishing, brilliant, and courageous look at the interface between individual belief and cultural values that has been written in our times.” Soulfully Gay is one of the first memoirs in the new tradition of Integral / World / Evolutionary spirituality. Joe has also written Rising Up (Lulu, 2006), an experimental work of strident culture criticism.

An Honors graduate of Harvard University in The Comparative Study of Religion with Philosophy as Allied Field, Joe has longstanding interests in social ethics and liberation theology.  He has studied religion and the human sciences at The Divinity School at The University of Chicago. He has earned a Certificate in Integral Leadership from Pacific Integral/LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University. For his final project, he developed a prototype of Lingua-U, the “language of subtle energy” which plays a key role in the linguistic philosophy underlying the The Kalendar.

In past careers, Joe was a business writer, technical writer/editor, and an Internet start-up executive. Beginning in 2003, he has operated Writing Wolf, a firm which provides creative services to individuals in work/life transitions. He is also a former Board Member and current Scholar-in-Residence for the Center for Integral Wisdom. He currently blogs at Kalen O’Tolan, and he is the Founder / Editor-in-Chief of Integral Blog.