Unapolgetically Integral In Our Own Way

By Joe Perez

“Our Most Important Activism For This Point In History Involves Building The Integral Worldview Itself” — Steve McIntosh, author of Evolution’s Purpose

Integral Blog has a new quote plastered across the top of our sidebar, so I thought I’d tell you more about it. You may have recognized it from a 2011 conversation between Scott Payne and Steve McIntosh published at Beams & Struts, or my discussion of the conversation on Awake, Aware & Alive.

Here’s the immediate context of McIntosh’s remarks:

[T]here are obviously many forms of legitimate political activism that integralists can pursue. But from my perspective, the most important form of activism for this point in history involves building the integral worldview itself. That is, we need to demonstrate the power of the integral perspective and show how effective it can be at providing solutions. We need to build wider recognition of, and agreement with, this emerging understanding of evolution. In other words, we need to teach the truths of integral philosophy and persuade people that consciousness and culture do evolve, and that we can solve many problems by coming to a deeper understanding of this phenomenon.

“Teaching” integral philosophy as a form of activism can, of course, involve a wide variety of activities. It can involve creating media such as books, videos, blogs, articles, etc. And it can also be as simple as engaging our friends and family in conversations about it. Further, the more we can each embody it as our own philosophy and not simply Wilber’s philosophy or Whitehead’s philosophy—the more we can show how it is actually a new understanding of evolution that recognizes interiors and can detect a new kind of depth—the more effective we’ll be in these communications. (Bold added.)

Now there’s a reason why I’ve given these words a special place on this new blog. Firstly, they have been inspirational to me in my blogging since I first heard them over three years ago. Secondly, they are just as relevant today as when Steve first spoke them. And thirdly, I believe they have the power to shake my fellow Integralists from their comfort zones and help to give focus to and context for the work they do. (Incidentally, as you will see I’ve shortened it a bit and changed the first word. I hope we can agree these changes are not significant.)

Integral Blog is unapologetically written by an Integralist for fellow Integralists (or integralists) if you prefer. We will not say we’re sorry for discussing theory when others would say that we are “stuck in our head”. We will not shy away from using vocabulary that requires more than a middle school education. (We have a rudimentary Integral glossary for the interested.) We will not try to sneak Integral perspectives quietly into conversations in order to appeal to the huffy-huff-huffington-posters or the league of not-so-extraordinary gentlemen.

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Welcome To Integral Blog!


By Joe Perez

We are in the midst of a quiet revolution of culture, politics, and religion. People from virtually every nation on the planet are waking up to a new approach to life unlike anything the world has ever seen before. It is an Integral awakening.

It is not a philosophy, but a meta-philosophy. It is not a distinctive spirituality or way of life, but a meta-spirituality or meta-lifestyle. In other words, it’s hard to pin down because it can be expressed in so many different ways … and it only emerges in the context of an already existent self-reflective gaze.

It is the first serious philosophy which explicitly takes a world-centric and Kosmo-centric perch as opposed to rival philosophies which are merely egocentric or ethnocentric. Basically this means that it extends its care and concern to topics affecting every society, the entire globe, and all of the history and future.

The new Integral theory requires blogs which chronicle its emergence and provide guidance to folks just learning about what it has to offer. There are other Integral websites  and magazines and think tanks out there, but this is one blog which has its own unique perspective and is dedicated to daily reflections of an eclectic and spontaneous variety.

If you are new to this sort of blog, what I’ve just said probably sounds pretentious or grandiose. In a sense it is. It is certainly is a tall order, for sure, one that can be difficult to embody and express. However, so long as we keep our expectations realistic and seek simply to improve upon the specific discourse at hand, rather than promulgate idealistic or perfectionistic thought, we ought to be okay.

What is this blog about? Not merely spirituality and religion, business and leadership, health and medicine, ecology and economics, art and creativity … but all of the above. Given its wide scope, I am more interested in breadth of coverage than depth. There are many deep resources that we can lean on and specialists to glean from. Our intention is to provide a hub of coverage and a meeting place for like minds and hearts.

There are many urgent matters in our world today requiring an expanded vision and attention, and I will present perspectives which may shift your awareness and attention in more Integral ways. You are invited along on this important chronicle.

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