Accept Everything


In a dream last night, I am talking in a town marketplace with a friend of mine about enlightenment, a woman with a deep understanding of Goddess spirituality.

It seems unremarkable that this is somewhere in a city of the Holy Lands from thousands of years ago. Possibly Jerusalem.

Our conversation veers into the nuances of enlightenment-speak in discourse philosophical and intellectual. A passerby, a simple man in the street with a dirty face, asks me to speak in a language he can understand.

“I’m a simple man,” he says, with a sly glint in his eye.

I reply, “What I have to say is very simple.”

A small crowd has gathered around.

“There is only one teaching that you need to take away, only one teaching you need to remember, not many. And that is ACCEPTANCE. Practice radical acceptance of everything that arises. Accept that which seems good and bad alike. Accept yourself in all circumstances, in all ways, and accept others as you accept yourself. Acceptance makes all things possible. There is nothing acceptance cannot reveal. You don’t accept? Then accept your lack of acceptance. You want to change yourself, make the world a better place? Then start by accepting yourself and everything else. There is nothing more complicated you need to know or do than this. Only in this way is the veil of this world lifted and the Divine nature of Yourself and All Things revealed.”

The dream goes on, shifting to a different world.


  1. says

    great post, rings true.
    Learning to accept can be life changing. This is a practice i only just learnt to do. Learning to see the other side of the story can be humbling…However have learnt not always to accept what our government tells us :)
    Look forward to reading more of your work.

  2. says

    Love this. As part of a class I’m taking at my Unity church, I’m working on greeting everything in my life with a spirit of openness and gratitude and asking what might be the gift in it. This is a great reminder.

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