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Claudio Naranjo

Claudio Naranjo

Note: This is the fourth in a series of short introductions to the people listed on Watkins Books’s “100 Spiritual Power List.”

The 98th-ranked spsiritual luminary is Claudio Naranjo, described by his profile on Wikipedia like this:

Claudio Naranjo (November 24, 1932 in Valparaiso, Chile) is a Chilean psychiatrist who is considered a pioneer in integrating psychotherapy and the spiritual traditions. He is one of the three successors named by Fritz Perls (founder of Gestalt Therapy), and a developer of the Enneagram of Personality and founder of the Seekers After Truth Institute. He is also an elder statesman of the U.S. and global Human Potential Movement and the spiritual renaissance of the late 20th century. He is the author of various books.

Here’s Claudio’s note on his Web site regarding his motivation for going online:

[M]y motivation for having a web site now, is triple:

  1. it gives me the opportunity to share my vision in regard to the unique potential of education to take us to a better world than the one in which we are living, in the twilight of patriarchal civilization;
  2. it is also an opportunity to discharge a great responsibility at a time in life when, at the age of seventy-four, such a responsibility would not be wise to postpone: that of giving voice to Tótila Albert in our contemporary world;
  3. and, since nowadays the book market promotes best-sellers and I write for minorities, I hope that a web site may serve as a bridge between my books, tapes and DVD’s and the public, for whom they have been written and for whom they are usually difficult to find.

Who is Tótila Albert? From Naranjo’s website:

I befriended Tótila Albert as a teenager, and before his death in 1967 he entrusted me with his manuscripts, hoping that I would carry his message into the future. His poetry has remained unpublished until today, when the German original of his epic will appear for the first time here, in cyberspace any interested readers to download.

Readers can also access here a short biography of his and the introduction that I wrote to his epic The Birth of the I, along with a statement on its content – originally written upon the invitation from Lee Lozowic to contribute to a volume on sacred poetry.

After completing his 5 volume epic, Tótila Albert began to hear words in the music of Beethoven and to take down Beethoven’s “dictation”. Later, he “auscultated” the inner meaning of Schubert’s last symphonies, several Schumann works, and much Brahms – as I explain in the fourth appended selection here, on Tótila Albert’s Musical Dictation. Also included is part of a video presenting an illustration of the music dictation proper.

Of Tótila Albert’s indictment of patriarchy and his vision of “the good society” I have written in The End of Patriarchy and in my most recent book Healing Civilization, from which some excerpts are also reproduced.

And here’s an interview with Claudio Naranjo, Marc Gafni, and Mariana Caplan of the Center for World Spirituality.

Blessings, Claudio, for giving your Unique Gift!

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