Michelle Champlin: How I discovered new art forms with sound

SoundToday on the blog of the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS):

Sound seems to expose reality in a way that other forms cannot. When listening to a work, we are forced to concentrate on noise—something we are accustomed to ignoring. There are so many sounds happening in our environment constantly and we are not often aware of them on a conscious level. Stop, close your eyes, and listen for five minutes: You will be amazed at how many sounds you hear.

I’ve discovered interesting aspects such as soundwalks, sound sculpture, and soundscapes. Delving into the world of sound art has inspired me to connect it to my own work. I’ve recently begun thinking about how I might link sound elements with visual arts and have been experimenting with adding film to my sound map. Many fresh ideas are sprouting into my mind every day around these interdisciplinary concepts. I know that my research and experience with sound art has been a significant resource for me as an artist. It is contributing to my work now and will continue to inspire me in the future.

via The CIIS Blog.

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