Does the God Particle’s Existence Prove that God Exists?

God Particle
A Reuters reporter finds scientists scoffing at the notion that the Higgs ought to be called the “God particle,” but it’s not like they don’t understand why others do so. Reuters writes:

“Calling it the ‘God particle’ is completely inappropriate,” said the German physicist, who divides his time between CERN and teaching at London’s Imperial College.

“It’s not doing justice to the Higgs and what we think its role in the universe is. It has nothing to do with God.”

The Higgs boson is being hunted so determinedly because it would be the manifestation of an invisible field – the Higgs field – thought to permeate the entire universe.

The field was posited in the 1960s by British scientist Peter Higgs as the way that matter obtained mass after the universe was created in the Big Bang.

As such, according to the theory, it was the agent that made the stars, planets – and life – possible by giving mass to most elementary particles, the building blocks of the universe; hence the nickname “God particle.”

“Without it, or something like it, particles would just have remained whizzing around the universe at the speed of light,” said Pippa Wells, another Atlas researcher.

via The Higgs boson: What has God got to do with it?.

The term “God particle” is not so much a misnomer as it is an oversimplification. In terms of Integral Theory, the Higgs — if proven to exist — can be mapped to the Upper-Right Quadrant close to the central axis point. So in an entire Theory of Everything, at least in this version of one, Higgs is one small piece of the picture, like atoms and electrons.

But “God particle” captures our imagination in a way that the term “Higgs boson” does not. The existence of an elementary all-pervasive invisible field is just too close to God in the religious imagination to not notice. But the worldview in which the Higgs boson truly exist occupies only one level of consciousness — a highly rational, analytical mind capable of understanding the scientific mindset — and at this level the term “God” is virtually without meaning because it’s not scientific. (Hence the scoffing of scientists.)

Mystics don’t need a “God particle” to prove God. Its existence does nothing to confirm or deny the existence of a unity of all things, because such unity does not take the form of a cognitive experience but of a trans-rational experience of identity with a Supreme Reality that is all-encompassing. That is, it is an experienced unity of the self with the Unique Self, which is the unqualified True Self as seen from a particular perspective.

And when that experience is nondual, it’s not an experience of an invisible particle, but of a Reality that is seen and unseen, felt and unfelt, known and unknown. It is not a Unified Theory of Reality, but just the way things are.


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    Congratulations on the CERN breakthrough. However, beyond the Higgs boson, there is still the ultimate fundamental “wavicle”, which I call the “GODRON”, the real “God Particle”, or the “INFINITRON”, which can be the basis of Infinitum Physics, beyong Quantum Physics. So, there is still a very very long way to go to unravel the mystery of the “Cosmic Stuff”. Further details are in the book, “THE COSMIC, GOD, YOU AND I” ( /

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    There will always be one thing more than everything, one thing before what’s happened so far, something just on the outside of reality, and so on, because this fundamental existence (awareness) is obviously infinite, and these human particles continue to travel its reaches. (See the three or four concrete dimensions, e.g.) Causal is relative, which makes for a wondrous never-ending show of God this’s and God that’s!


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