Mazes mazes mazes

According to my SiteMeter, one source of consistent referrals to my website is people looking for pictures of mazes. On my old site, I had a page containing a dozen hand-drawn mazes. That page is gone while the site undergoes renovation, but now labyrinth lovers can once again find and enjoy the mazes. Here are the links:

maze07.gif (117535 bytes) maze05.gif (154946 bytes) maze10.gif (135594 bytes) maze08.gif (103906 bytes)
maze06.gif (122217 bytes) maze02.gif (144909 bytes) maze11.gif (109174 bytes) maze01.gif (207492 bytes)
maze12.gif (192567 bytes) maze03.gif (130801 bytes) maze09.gif (140860 bytes) maze04.gif (155731 bytes)

To view the full size maze, click a small image above. You can download and print the maze to solve it. If it doesn’t print correctly in your browser, try downloading the GIF and viewing it in an image viewing program such as the Image Viewer built into Windows.

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