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After taking a month’s writing hiatus to focus on my book series, I am back. Perhaps this is your first time reading about my projects and so you are joining me in media res. Welcome!

My books were advanced much in August but they are still a significant way off, and I do not want to spread myself too thin. Therefore my publishing on the website and social media will need to be light out of necessity if I am to finish the books on my planned schedule. You won’t be hearing much from me in the months ahead, but I am still working out of view.

The book series is called Kalen O’Tolán and is currently slated for release in three volumes plus appendices beginning in 2015. The publisher is not yet determined, and I am considering publishing the entire series in total online at (though I haven’t decided).

These are the working titles of the first four books:

Kalen O’Tolán: A Canon of Supreme Mystery

The Season of Yang: Rise of the Great Oracle (Kalen O’Tolán, Vol. I)

The Season of Yin: Fall to the Fathomless Ocean (Kalen O’Tolán, Vol. II)

The Season of You: Return to the Beckoning Stars (Kalen O’Tolán, Vol. III)

Appendix I: Lingua-U, A Unification of the World’s Wisdom of Sacred Word Traditions

The books do not fit neatly into a conventional genre but are partially inspired by the poetry of the ancient Chinese classic T’ai Hsuan Ching (The Canon of Supreme Mystery). These are poetic works, but they are also philosophical and divinatory books. They are sacred literature which aspires to provide a sort of guided tour of consciousness from the Symbiotic Station through the Unitive Station, step by step, in individual and collective dimensions.

There is a definite psychology in the books as well as philosophy, one which is Idealistic but not based on any extant school of thought. It is not empirically derived from research into human subjects. It is inductively derived from the structure of phonemes as they are arranged in Lingua-U. The book does not present a map of consciousness by means of which mental phenomena are interpreted; it provides a literary canon which articulates a complex cosmology in which the features of consciousness are induced.

The fact that this feat is even possible is nothing short of miraculous, in my view. Many spirituality books and poetry books are published every year. But how many aspire to use language in such a way that every phoneme is meant to mirror a comprehensive cosmology at the level of sound symbolism? One really must look back centuries, I think, to find comparable efforts. This is not to say that my books will succeed at achieving this sort of inspiration, but I am doing my best.

It is my intention to simultaneously publish the books in English and a new language. Unlike all other spoken languages — but similar to computer programming languages — Lingua-U may be expressed in a human-speakable and human-readable format as well as a numerical version. The quasi-oligosynthetic constructed language is encoded to the unigrams, bigrams, trigrams, tetragrams, pentagrams, and hexagrams of the T’ai Hsuan Ching. These figures have been specially chosen to present an image of the phonemes described based on the kinesthetic method of speech production. They are also depictions of a ternary numerical base (base 3).

Thus it is possible to view Lingua-U as having only three characters — Yang, Yin, and You or 0, 1, and 2. Is this so simple it’s complex beyond usefulness? I’m betting that it’s not, though it won’t be right for every student. Lingua-U is a sacred language meant for the transmission of sacred speech and texts. It does not need to appeal to the average person.

Described as I have done, it may be difficult to understand why I believe Kalen O’Tolán: A Canon of Supreme Mystery is a book with urgency and potentially revolutionary importance. Of course as the poet and language creator I am biased. But I believe strongly in this project as having the potential to unify the world’s wisdom of Sacred Words into a sort of Universal Kabbalah, a mystical interpretation of the International Phonetic Alphabet if you will, a system of thought which derives a vision of human nature and destiny, including a vision of our relationship to God or Spirit or Emptiness or Nature, from the nature of cross-culturally valid overlapping patterns of meaning found in language itself. God is speaking to us, and Lingua-U gives us the evidence and a form of poetic “proof”.

The Mystery which governs human nature and destiny is not explainable, but it is describable in ways that are more or less intelligible. Our maps of reality can be elegant or clumsy, useful or confusing, ennobling or screwed up. KOT aspires to provide a canon in which a new map of reality is envisioned, one with the potential to change our lives in the 21st century and bring humanity closer together. Its goal is to contribute to the evolution of language and shift awareness of the ways in which language generates our reality and invites us to co-create a new world more attuned to the rhythms and pulses of nature.

I hope you will stay with me in the months ahead until the new books are ready.

Blessings and Love,


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