The Kalendar Symbol

Indians embark on a fishing and hunting expedition. While some men row a well-stocked canoe, others in it perform a tribal dance.



The Lingua-U Correspondences

No. 8. 𝌆𝌅 aɪbaa, eɪvu, baɪ’aa, bʊ’u, bz                                                                 Ternary No. 000022

Platform: Object:
Example Bʊl: Bull
Kalendar Black Stone 5 AM (Dec. 26 AM), 33 CE – 37 CE
Klock 12:16 AM
Atlas 88° S Lat, 26.5° E Long
AQAL The Unified Zones of Unitive Types at the Individual Objective Quadrant of the 1st-P.P.
§1.1.9 The Majestic at the Seat of Goodness at the Throne of Biology at the Letter of Bonding


No. 9. 𝌇⚌ aɪpeɪ, eɪfaɪ, bi’eɪ, bɛ’aɪ, bs                                                                     Ternary No. 000100

Platform: Object:
Example Bɛtiŋ: Betting
Kalendar Black Stone 5 PM (Dec. 26 PM), 37 CE – 41 CE
Klock 12:18 AM
Atlas 87.75° S Lat, 27° E Long
AQAL The Outside Zone of Agentic Types at the Individual Subjective Quadrant of the 1st-P.P.
§1.2.1 The Yang Master at the Seat of Structure at the Throne of Being at the Letter of Bonding


Additional Notes

Compare to the Sabian Symbol for 4-5 degrees of Capricorn: “Indians On The Warpath. While Some Men Row A Well-Filled Canoe, Others In It Perform A War Dance.”

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