Big Kettle Worldviews, Guardian Angels, & Violet Magic

I’ve drawn some inspiration for Integral Magic™ from some sources you may regard as unlikely. But before I go there, let me tell you what I have rejected.

I have rejected the conception of magic popular in contemporary books in the fantasy genre. Not just because the idea that speaking magic spells is saying words in Latin is a little overdone. You don’t have to be widely read in the fantasy genre to understand that even in so-called fantasy literature, fantasy is … well, too fantastical to be real. But what I’m working on is literature both fictional and real. There are fantastical elements and some explicitly fictional stories, but I am not interested in what can be called lies. I am interested in the Light that is shed by looking in places that are very often overlooked.

Real magic is what I think is missing in the world right now on a scale and scope to have an impact on the way ordinary people live their lives. It’s missing because people have forgotten the way language and symbolism really works. We have forgotten on a massive scale to the point where our contemporary worldviews are mired in delusion. I aspire to change that, and I am doing what I can. I am aspiring not just to write fantasy books or create a new magical system … I am aspiring to usher into being a Big Kettle Worldview capable of saving the planet and making lives better and helping the co-existence of the physical and spiritual planes of being.

I needed to walk between the worlds more than just a little bit to be able to envision magic in this way. All good magicians have had to develop relationships that have helped them to navigate in the realms others fear to tread. I don’t talk about this aspect of my work much. It’s not really the best time for this conversation and some things are best kept private. First I need to build the Big Kettle Worldview. Then I need to make it impactful in the world. Then, if the need arises, we can discuss the spiritual relationships which have nourished me.

There are a few things that I ought to say at the beginning. I have written publicly that I was inspired by the Archangel Gabriel in fabricating the elemental building blocks of Lingua-U. We have communicated in a variety of ways including oracular divination using the New Book of Changes and the New Canon of Supreme Mystery (my work in progress). We have spoken using my own approach to mediumship. And we have spoken through an intermediary spirit (a “guardian angel”) whose identity I have decided to only partially reveal outside a close circle, hints given in The Kalendar Series for those who are interested in such things.

Without spiritual communication, I could not have developed the Integral Magic to the point where it stands today. Talking to angels can be disorienting. One can lose one’s self in the process. I have also taken “breaks” from spiritual communication when it was necessary for me to re-calibrate my personal mental and emotional well-being.

Perhaps my spiritual guide is not your Archangel Gabriel or perhaps I am just talking to my unconscious self or perhaps no such being exists? Go ahead and hold your reservations, questions, and doubts. I didn’t bring up the subject to enter into a full conversation about it. That isn’t important right now. I respect your beliefs and I have developed confidence in my own. I’m telling you this because I think it’s important that a Big Kettle Worldview make room for people who talk to spirits … and even include the perspective of the non-human entities and angels who want to speak to us.

Make no mistake. The world badly, even desperately, needs a Big Kettle Worldview … even if it doesn’t know it yet. Worldviews aren’t what people think they are (unless those people have a Violet lens on Reality), bundles of abstract concepts and cultural artifacts tied tightly together like twigs. Worldviews go deep to the core tree-trunk and deepest root of Who We Truly Are, down to the molecules and the quarks, expressed in elemental numbers and letters and symbols that move before we even notice, changing our thoughts for us, transformation happening in secret.

To really change a worldview — or effect any deep, lasting socio-cultural change over a period of hundreds or thousands of years — one needs to get primordial, as primordial as possible in one’s given time and place in history. In our day, Lingua-U and the other technologies of Integral Magic are rearranging the building blocks of thought, feeling, spirit, and soul. These existential structures are creating new ways of being human available to anyone who learns how to use them. This is why Integral Magic is so important, much moreso than fantasy magic: it’s as real as Real gets when you are living at the sanguine edge of consciousness.

Integral Magic includes practices which give us access to unseen realms of existence which are inhabited by sub-personal, personal or trans-personal energetic forces. Learning to navigate these subtle energies is essential to discovering one’s own identity as one develops at the Violet station of consciousness. Learning to work with subtleties — including linguistic energies — on a daily basis is essential to human development and flourishing at this stage of our planet’s existence. If you are not willing to explore what this means, then you are not ready to receive this teaching.

Nine Bold Colors of Magic, Nine Technologies for Realizing Human Potential

nine squaresBlack Magic, Red Magic, Brown Magic, Golden Magic, White Magic, Green Magic, Blue Magic, Violet Magic, and Silver Magic Described


Gone are the days of Black/White opposition in magic. The New Magick is rich with vibrant color, each of nine different colors representing different styles residing at nine different Squares, which are like the stations of consciousness in Integral Theory. The nine Squares are depicted in the New Kalendar (Nine Square Kalendar) and are the nine points in the Enneagram of the New Kosmology, distinct arrangements which help to visualize the interrelations amongst the colors.

At each Square are human potentials, developmental lessons and aptitudes, and styles of relating which are unique. Magic performed at each Square taps into sets of concerns and methods of operation that have a particular fit at that particular station. Integral Magic™, as we have seen, riffs on Aleister Crowley’s famous definition in its own definition of the New Magick: “Magick is the science and art of aligning change to conformity with Unique Will.” Based out of the Violet Square, the New Magick is basically a form of Violet Magic. Out of the Violet Square, the New Kalendar and the New Kosmology arise in tandem, giving rise to the worldview in which there are nine distinct styles of Magick!

Remember one of Aleister Crowley’s clarifications on his definition of Magick. He stated that “Magick is the Science of understanding oneself and one’s conditions. It is the Art of applying that understanding in action.” Thus we need to forget the images of black cloaks, crystal balls, and Tarot cards. To the extent that a brain surgeon or a real estate mogul or a socialist Senator is applying an understanding of themsleves and their conditions, and putting that understanding in action, then they are practicing magic. What Crowley called “Magick” is similar to the notion of an “action-logic” in developmental theory.  In sum, one’s preferred color of Magic is closely aligned to one’s action-logic or stage/level of consciousness.

While this is a new schema and so it’s difficult to pronounce generalizations, I suspect that most magicians will find themselves gravitating to merely one, two, or three of these different styles of Magick. Many occult books in what is today called “magick” are basically Black Magic or Red Magic with some insights from other colors thrown in for good measure, hardly an Integral approach. Aleister Crowley’s vision was a Violet Magic in its own day, and so are works by other visionary and revolutionary “systems integrators” in the Western esoteric tradition, but in 2016 Uncle Al’s work is no longer the cutting edge of Violet technology, which is rapidly moving on.

Generally the Magician’s preferences match their level of ego-maturity as it would be measured by appropriate developmental tests such as those performed by consciousness researchers such as Susanne Cook-Greuter or the StAGES tool among many others. Magicians who test at Individualist or Context-aware (Green or Teal altitude) would by and large gravitate toward Green Magic or possibly early Blue Magic, and Magicians who test at Achiever (late Orange altitude) would tend to prefer White Magic, and so forth. But simply because one is situated by virtue of one’s ego structure as having an affinity towards a particular form of Magic does not mean that one simply stops there.

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Introducing a New Violet Technology for Advanced Integral Development

Integral Magic is Violet Magic, a Meta-System of a Construct-Aware Worldview

You’ve heard of Black Magic and White Magic, archaic terminology referring to the use of magic for evil or selfish purposes or good and benevolent purposes. In the Integral Magic™ system, these uses of the terms are deprecated. Instead, there are nine different colors which are used to designate magical techniques or abilities dependent on each of Nine Squares (which are similar to Stations of Consciousness).

(There is a New Black Magic – but it has to do with connecting to the so-called “root chakra” or regressive technologies which are not necessarily evil or good. And there is a New White Magic – but it has to do with using ego strengthening technologies to create states of equilibrium, processes which are not necessarily good or evil. We will talk about these colors of Magick another day.)

The New Magick is basically Violet Magic, a meta-system of a Construct-Aware / Ego-Aware worldview. What is that? According to the consciousness researcher Susanne Cook-Greuter, who has gathered reams of empirical psychological data and looked into this sort of thing longer and with more depth than most people, it is a stage of ego-maturity which has become fully Ego-aware, and is found in only a very small percentage of folks. (In Ken Wilber’s Integral Spirituality, these stages correspond to the Indigo and Violet altitudes.) She writes:

The Construct-aware and the Ego-aware Stage [5/6] is the final observed differentiation in the sequence of overall differentiation or separation from a previous worldview on the path to an ever greater integration or union. Unfortunately, the “professional” labels that have been used or suggested for this stage — Magician, Alchemist, Crone, Jester etc. — are all inadequate to express the varieties and depth of understanding, this level is able to gain. The professional labels tend to reflect behavioral aspects of this stage that are not shared by all of its representatives.

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