A More Integral 2015

I’m back from a holiday season vacation and I’ve noticed several wonderful articles and podcasts in the blogosphere that I want to give my attention in the days to come. But first, I want to express my New Year wish for the Integral community.

Let’s let the past be the past, especially the controversies and divisiveness and any ill will that has cropped up between one part of the community or another, one leading figure to another, or person to person. Let’s give everyone a chance to show a new side and demonstrate the capacity for growth.

Let’s let go of resentments on account of not having been noticed, or given our fair share of credit, appreciated enough, seen as right, or whatever the case may be.

Let’s let go of resentments that have arisen because some folks have taken the Integral movement in a direction that we would rather have it not go, made some important mistake, not done their homework well enough, or not used our preferred terminology or schema for consciousness, or not spoken with enough care.

Let’s let go of resentments towards those we may see as “less evolved” (inside and outside the community) on account of their ignorance or failure to grow, and let’s go of resentments towards those we may see as “more evolved” because they haven’t done enough to lead the way.

Let’s let go of resentments towards popular culture and mainstream society and conventional politics and so forth, for being filled with first-tier dysfunctions.

Let’s start 2015 with a simple desire that the world become a more Integral place. How much more Integral? Just as Integral as it needs to be, and at least a bit more for the sake of delight.

We will know it is becoming a more Integral world because…

  • people who thought only of themselves will begin to think of their neighbors as well, and leaders who thought only about their community’s interests begin to think about the globe
  • people will begin to evolve their traditions to allow for new ways in which we can all co-exist together, recognizing our common depth of unity behind all the surface diversity
  • people will take the reigns of evolution and consciously grow as part of an integral, coherent, systemic whole world order
  • people will begin to “wake up” at whatever station of life they are at, becoming re-born into their Supreme Identity
  • people will begin to “grow up” to see their unsolvable problems “solved” at a higher level of consciousness
  • people will begin to look around for others who share a more expansive consciousness and when they do they will be attracted to the body of books and blogs and movies and art masterpieces and workshops and educational programs and therapies and spiritual teachings and leadership development offerings and think tanks that we in the Integral / Evolutionary community have developed.
  • having been drawn to the offerings of the Integral / Evolutionary community, its philosophers, artists, activists, healers, business people, educators, and so on, many new people will join in the movement, contributing their gifts, and becoming full participants in the larger game.

As these many thousands and even millions of new people encounter the Integral / Evolutionary community for the first time, do we want them to be greeted with in-fighting and disarray and dysfunction, or a true unitas multiplex?

It’s time to do our part in creating a more integral / evolved world in 2015. What a beautiful opportunity for practicing being our Self/selves together as  Unique We!

Integral Blog will be there along the way, playing a small role in the blogosphere ecosystem to help draw connections and build community. I started this blog largely out of a sense that the Integral movement needs a healthy ecosystem of publications and social media presence to thrive, and it takes all of us doing our part. I am looking forward to taking this journey with you, and open to the possibility of becoming more fully integrated and whole in my own 2015.

Quote of the Day: Clare Graves



“I am not saying in this conception of adult behavior that one style of being, one form of human existence is inevitably and in all circumstances superior to or better than another form of human existence, another style of being. What I am saying is that when one form of being is more congruent with the realities of existence, then it is the better form of living for those realities. And what I am saying is that when one form of existence ceases to be functional for the realities of existence then some other form, either higher or lower in the hierarchy, is the better form of living. I do suggest, however, and this I deeply believe is so, that for the overall welfare of total man’s existence in this world, over the long run of time, higher levels are better than lower levels and that the prime good of any society’s governing figures should be to promote human movement up the levels of human existence.”

— Dr. Clare W. Graves

Photo Credit: CatMan! (Flickr)

The link between meat and global warming

I just have to share this link. An article in the Guardian that says reducing meat consumption would do more on global warming than buying a hybrid car.

Researchers at the University of Chicago have calculated the relative carbon intensity of a standard vegan diet in comparison to a US-style carnivorous diet, all the way through from production to processing to distribution to cooking and consumption. An average burger man (that is, not the outsize variety) emits the equivalent of 1.5 tonnes more CO2 every year than the standard vegan. By comparison, were you to trade in your conventional gas-guzzler for a state of the art Prius hybrid, your CO2 savings would amount to little more than one tonne per year.

I was dimly aware that meat consumption is connected to all sorts of bad environmental maladies, but this article just spoke right to my conscience. If this article is correct, then 1.5 tons of CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere each year, because of my meat consumption. I’m cutting back… but am I doing enough? I know I can do more. Does our culture, do our religions, do enough to educate people as to the moral issues related to meat consumption? Should our society do more to reduce meat consumption? Questions well worth a closer look.