Thomas Hübl: What Is Competence In Spiritual Teaching?

What is competence in spiritual teaching? The article “Spiritual Competence” by Thomas Hübl (from the Integral Forum) offers a positive perspective.

The following excerpt was posted today by Hübl’s Team on Facebook:

Teachers and students encounter each other at different stages of development, comparable to the development from childhood to adulthood and as an awakened adult. Teachers must be aware of this and students as well as far as they are able. Encounters between the teacher and student will time and time again contain regressive elements coming from the student. The teacher must be aware of this.

If the teacher’s contact with the student is characterized by any lack of clarity concerning the student’s stage of development, this can result in the entanglements so often seen in spiritual circles.

Truly competent spiritual teachers have consciously integrated different stages of growth within their own development. A teacher must be at home on all levels and be aware of his own strengths and weaknesses if he is to be a mirror for his students. A spiritual teacher is basically nothing more than a conscious authentic reflection of various aspects of the student’s life.

Spiritual teachers need to have knowledge of relationship patterns and projections of their students, otherwise the effects of these can overshadow the mystical aspect. Idolization cannot be taken personally by teachers. These energies mostly come from non-integrated aspects or because of the overwhelming nature of transpersonal love.

An encounter between teacher and student does not primarily take place on a personal level. There is a higher level of consciousness that is very clear and this is only reflected on the personal level. This higher level of consciousness always resonates even if the student is not aware of it.

It is often perceived as an overwhelming love or a strong feeling of attraction. This is why it is important to know that these levels can intermingle, i.e. very high levels of consciousness intermingle with very personal levels. These fine nuances here are often not even perceived. And the less integrated a student is, the stronger the resulting overlap and confusion become.

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Mystic Jocelyn Woods plumbs the depths of spirituality, eroticism, and disability



One of the most inspirational stories you’ll read about, right here, by Ken Picard in Seven Days. Jocelyn Woods, 27, of Vermont has not only battled a perplexing neuromuscular disease since childhood which leaves her mostly bedridden, she is also a cutting-edge artist with powerful creative visions which are defying stereotypes about disabled people and sexuality. Woods does so without resorting to politically correct message-driven art (which she detests), but by calling up the power of her True Self, the “vast eternity” which she came to identify with.

Picard writes:

Woods was born in Florida but moved to Vermont at age 10. An only child, she was homeschooled by her mom through high school, which she completed at 16. Woods traces her spiritual awakening to an existential crisis she had at age 4, when she brought her mother into the bathroom and stood there crying because she didn’t believe the little girl in the mirror reflected her true, infinite nature.

“I felt like I was sitting on the edge of this vast eternity,” she recalls, “and didn’t know how to process that as a child.”

Woods’ creativity also blossomed early. At 3, she asked her mother for piano lessons, and was playing by age 5. At 15 she was composing and performing her own classical pieces, and at age 16 Woods recorded a solo album titled A River’s Journey at Charles Eller’s studio in Charlotte. She expected to pursue a career as a concert pianist until her poor health intervened.

A severe bout of influenza when she was 18 robbed Woods of mobility and dexterity, including her ability to play the piano. She was left semi-bedridden and took years to recover. Today, her health has stabilized, but she undergoes daily physical therapy and Pilates sessions to maintain her strength and muscle tone. She also experiments with alternative therapies and takes singing lessons to strengthen her diaphragm.

In June 2012, Woods contracted a severe respiratory illness that nearly claimed her life. This time, it triggered what she calls a “shamanic experience” that inspired much of her recent work.

“It was quite frightening, and I wasn’t quite sure how I would emerge from that,” she recalls, “because I felt as though I were suspended between the two worlds of life and death, the soul realm and the physical realm.”

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Prayer for Ahmet Yildiz


Source: The Independent

Ahmet Yildiz, Ahmet Yildiz, Ahmet Yildiz …

We recall today how you have been absent for 16 months since you left a cafe near the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul, and yet you have not really left us and we believe you never will. Some of our brothers and sisters knew you closer, as a 26-year-old straight-A student of physics, an aspiring teacher, a loving son and brother, a stocky and fun-loving young man.

Or perhaps they knew you only as Turkey’s Gay Poster Boy, martyred by the tragic circumstances of your departure, victim of a so-called “honor killing,” shot five times by a religion-crazed father on account of openly acknowledging your homophilia. He is not the only perpetrator; every soul who harbors hatred of homophiles shares part of the collective guilt.

Amhet Yildiz, your spirit endures forever. It endures not only in Muslim lands, but as a beacon for homophiles everywhere. May memory of your life and death raise awareness of the need for healing the wound in all our families and all our nations that is homophobia. Through your sacrifice, let us have faith that there is greater hope for reconciliation in areas of women’s rights, sexuality, and the place of religion in our societies.

Let us not forget your death, and the sacrifices of so many victims of anti-homophile violence, lest we fail to heed Spirit’s call for us to extend our capacity for compassion and love everywhere on the globe. And let us require justice for your killer (who remains unapprehended) and all perpetrators of evil. Until the world is healed of Fear, duty and fraternity binds homophiles everywhere to keep your memory alive and to honor your name whenever we act with justice.