New Zodiac Sign No. 5: The Viper

The fifth Animwaa of the Bear-Yak Zodiac is the Great Viper, Eimiqua, Visionary Companion, and Most Dangerous of the Fierce Friends.

5. The Viper


Army: The Fierce Friends

Role: Visionary Companion

Constellation: B

Enneagram: No. 1, The Perfect Foe

Kalendar: ││┆│, ││┆╎

Old Zodiac: Capricorn 28° – Aquarius 4°

Dates: Jan. 18 AM – Jan. 24 PM

Complement: Emu


The Great Viper’s loyalty to the Great Bear’s cause was very much in doubt at the start of the War of the Zodiacs, but in time he proved himself a true member of the Fierce Friends. The power of the Ro was strong among the reptiles, and they divided when the time came to choose between the Second Wave Zodiac and the Third Wave Zodiac. The reptiles, like the rodents and some other animals, were maligned at the start of the War. Their loyalties were divided between the Ro and Bei, and reformation movements spread which not only divided species, but even families. The most wicked and corrupt reptiles affiliated with Aries-Pisces; the Reformed Reptiles, led by the Great Viper, chose the Bear-Yak.

Kalen met Eimiqua, the Great Viper, at a perilous time in his adolescence. The creature curled on his spine and spoke to him of a desire to know his own place in the Kosmos. He bit Kalen who began to hallucinate. He envisioned the Viper as the shape of Kosmos itself, a magnificent Spiral shown with nine glowing orbs. Eimiqua knew only of seven, and he bade Kalen to describe all nine of the orbs. Kalen described only seven orbs, but gave clues regarding the other two orbs. The Hanimwaa stated that if the Great Viper led the reptiles in the War of the Zodiacs, he would see the other two orbs as well and his knowledge of them would be unsurpassed among the creatures of night vision. Eimiqua shed his skin and joined the Fierce Friends.

Viper was called “Visionary Companion” because of his ability to offer candid advice about future events which was highly accurate, strategic, and unsettling. He also roused primal instincts of aliveness and sensuality in those whom he influenced. His mere presence could call attention to levels of raw energy that were otherwise unnoticed. As the War of the Zodiacs emerged, Eimiqua traveled in the world of reptiles gaining support for a new alliance, and he was instrumental in bringing Gecko and Frog to the battle. His ability to shed skin often accompanied his own changes or heart or mind.

The Great Viper was the only Animwaa tasked by the Great Bear to work to defeat both Capricorn and Aquarius. Although Viper was not present at the Battle of Red Cliffs, he once encountered and fought the Sea-Goat in a manner which gave Kalen valuable information. Later his battle with Aquarius, with other reptiles at his side, gave fire to the Third Wave’s cause.

Linked to the last few degrees of the third decan of Capricorn, Eimiqua shared two character traits with the Sea-Goat Monster: restlessness and practicality. A greater influence is the first four degrees of the first decan of Aquarius, which bring about the traits of individuality and complexity. These traits are reflected in the choices made by Viper in his notable forays with the old Zodiac.

New Zodiac Sign No. 4: The Platypus

The fourth Animwaa of the Bear-Yak Zodiac is the Great Platypus, Zhoona, All-Embracing Perfectionist, and Most Extraordinary of the Fierce Friends.

4. The Platypus


Army: The Fierce Friends

Role: All-Embracing Perfectionist

Constellation: B

Enneagram: No. 1, The Perfect Foe

Kalendar: ││╎╎, ││╎┆

Old Zodiac: Capricorn 21° – Capricorn 27°

Dates: Jan. 11 PM – Jan. 17 PM

Complement: Opossum


The Platypus traveled far from her home in Eastern Australia to join the First Army, carried by her magical instincts and surviving in a delicate balance of life. Zhoona was part of the First Army’s original meeting at the start of the Red Jewel, and subsequently she delivered the battle cry and call for emancipation far and wide. She was a favorite among the “First Friends”, befriending everyone and earning praise for her tolerant and loving nature.

Kalen taught her that the Platypus is a one-of-a-kind creature, set apart from other species, and must follow its own way in life. Because of its similarities to other animal groups, it is friendly with land animals, water animals and birds, but it does not run exclusively with any of them. Its unique nature is a function of its inner drive for completeness and desire to embrace diversity. At the same time, it is not a pushover. Possessed of venemous spurs, it will attack anyone foolish enough to take advantage. Like Bear and Bat, Platypus is a largely nocturnal animal. Nevertheless Platypus also enjoys daytime activities, especially on cloudy days.

Platypus was called “All-Embracing Perfectionist” because of her desire to please everyone and make friends wherever she went while remaining her own special self. Unlike shape-shifting or color-changing animals, Zhoona did not need to change who she was to fit in. She was often the subject of admiration and envy for wide-ranging abilities. In the early years of the War of the Zodiacs, Zhoona worked to forge alliances between animals who usually would not work together for common ends, especially between aquatic and subterranean species. Her perfectionistic streak shone in her refusal to take no for an answer.

The Great Bear gave the Great Platypus two key roles in defeating Capricorn: First, as one of the only two aquatic creatures in the First Army, she would need to turn the river-dwelling creatures against the Sea-Beast. Working in collusion especially with Fish and Beaver (an ally of the First Army), she would need to educate the river creatures and encourage them to rise up against their wicked overlords in the Old Zodiac. Second, as the only subterranean creature of the First Army, she would need to bring news of the War to all the animals living underground which she could find.

Linked to the third decan of Capricorn, Zhoona shared two character traits with the Sea-Goat Monster: a strong desire for functionality and efficacious activity married with keen organizational skills. Her practical side allowed her to prioritize her actions to make sure she was acting in the best interest of the New Zodiac (and if she strayed, Bat was never far behind to reprimand). At the same time, she did not set about her task single-handedly. She forged teams and alliances devoted to the common purpose, and sent them out to fulfill their duties. At times, Platypus was tempted to treating her friends as cogs in a machine, but she never took it so far as Capricorn did routinely. She kept herself squarely focused on overcoming the oppressive regime of the Old Zodiac.

New Zodiac Sign No. 1: The Bear

The first Animwaa of the Bear-Yak Zodiac is the Great Bear, Beionai, Savior of Young Kalen the Hanimwaa, and Leader of the Fierce Friends.

1. The Bear


Army: The Fierce Friends

Role: Detail-conscious Leader

Constellation: B

Enneagram: No. 1, The Perfect Foe

Kalendar: ││││, │││╎

Old Zodiac: Capricorn 1° – Capricorn 7°

Dates: Dec. 22 AM – Dec. 28 PM

Complement: Eagle


When the Bear heard Kalen’s call, he assembled the First Army of the New Zodiac, a group which called themselves the Fierce Friends. They were Bear, Bat, Pig, Platypus, Viper, Vulture, Fish, Fox, and Panther. They met at the start of the Month of the Red Jewel for the purpose of plotting the War of the Zodiacs and mounting a challenge to the dominion of their Aries-Pisces foes. The Premiere among the Friends, Bear led the group by assigning each Animwaa specific tasks and challenges to overcome.

Kalen helped the Bear to understand his spiritual purpose and meaning. Bear is a spirit fraught with seeming contradiction: at once tranquil and amicable, and yet powerful and courageous, the bear must be approached cautiously until his intentions are known. Known by some as “King of the Forest”, he is revered for his ability to support physical healing and rejuvenation and resurrection. The Bear is a master of the cycles of nature and carries within himself the Secret of Life, the ancient Star-Map which alone has the power to align the Earth with the Kosmos.

Gathering the nine Animwaa of the Fierce Friends, Bear drew an Enneagram on the ground and pointed first to the No. 1 point and then to the No. 2 point. He said, “This first point has been known as the Perfectionist, and the second as the Helper. They give us the strategy for overcoming the old Zodiac, and with Kalen’s aid I have formulated two secret plans which we will call the Perfect Foe and the Follower’s Assistance. Through these methodologies, you will find yourself at the right place and time to do what needs to be done to destroy Capricorn and force Aquarius into submission. We will divide in two groups, six of us following the Foe’s path and three giving the Assist.”

Fish spoke: “Bear, how can I help you?”

Bear: “You will provide assistance to Bat and me, Fox will aid Pig and Platypus, and Panther will aid Viper and Vulture. This is the way that we must align ourselves.”

Fish and Bat spoke in unison: “How can we help you? What is your role?”

Bear: “You may speak of me as the ‘Detail-conscious Leader’. It is my role to be the Perfect Foe and Penultimate Foil for the old Zodiac. Everything they do, we must do better. As Capricorn’s first seven degrees require an overarching purpose or crusade, I must provide the Reason for Our Existence through my leadership. When Kalen slays Capricorn, I must fill the power vacuum and assume leadership of both the old and new Zodiac and bring the War of the Zodiacs to its conclusion. That is my ultimate destiny, and I cannot do it without the Bat and the Fish. Together we will unite Earth, Air, and Water. You will learn more about your role in good time.”

Beionai’s prime resources for challenging his rival: his patience and determination. Aligned as he is with the first seven degrees of Capricorn’s first decan, he shares these traits with the Sea-Goat, sometimes even expressing the Beast’s dictatorial and stubborn nature. Fortunately with the help of his friends he is able to steer around his tyrannical tendencies and focus his energy on assisting Kalen and the other Zodiac Animwaa in their battle against the forces of evil.