New Zodiac Sign No. 3: The Pig

The third Animwaa of the Bear-Yak Zodiac is the Great Pig, Eishon, Cautious Arbitrator, and Courageous Ungulate of the Fierce Friends.

3. The Pig


Army: The Fierce Friends

Role: Cautious Arbitrator

Constellation: B

Enneagram: No. 1, The Perfect Foe

Kalendar: ││╎│, ││╎╎

Old Zodiac: Capricorn 14° – Capricorn 21°

Dates: Jan. 4 PM – Jan. 11 AM

Complement: Squirrel


The Pig answered the call of his friends, the Bear and the Bat, and joined the First Army of the New Zodiac. He was the third member of the “Fierce Friends“, and revered among the Animwaa for this noteworthy status. He ventured forth to the corners of the New Atlas in search of Animwaa who would come to fight the Great War, and everywhere he went among humans he wandered cautiously and surreptitiously, never revealing his identity as an Immortal.

Kalen taught the Pig that his spiritual meaning had been missed by many people who merely saw a creature ruled by appetites, lust and greed. Pigs are not greedy creatures, but sensual. Pigs are not lustful, but passionate. Pigs are creatures who respond to hunger, it is true, but so do all beings. Pigs show the acquisitive side of Spirit, revealing the potential for prosperity and mastery. Pigs are not messy, but organized and able to respond to life’s challenges with intelligence, curiosity, and good listening skills.

The Great Pig earned the nickname “Cautious Arbitrator” among the Fierce Friends because of his ability to resolve disputes among the Six Armies of the New Zodiac with even-handedness and wisdom, only after carefully listening to all sides and exposing the dirty secrets that some parties would rather have kept hidden. Because of Eishon’s friendly nature, he was well received throughout the world everywhere he traveled on behalf of the Bear. Eishon often resolved disputes by asking each party to be willing to think of themselves as capable of whatever dirty business they thought the other was engaging in.

Beionai gave Eishon an important role in defeating Capricorn: he would need to listen to Capricorn’s subjects and gather evidence of his maliciousness and wickedness. They would use this information to build support among the Animwaa for going to War, and for solidifying their alliances. Pig had the ability to wander into human towns and listen to their conversations without them paying much attention. He used this skill to learn how the wicked Sea-Goat was increasingly using his power to make people more greedy and lustful and reckless with the natural world.

The Great Pig has two character traits in common with Capricorn: an earthy hard-working nature combined with ambition for achievement. His hard-working sensibility takes the form of an earthy whole-heartedness which helps him to achieve what he sets his mind to; in contrast, Capricorn’s effort is fatiguing and energy-sapping. The Pig’s ambition is tempered by his devotion to the good of the whole world and especially the purpose of the First Army; set against him, Capricorn’s drive is self-focused and often harmful to the world (at least this becomes more clear as the Second Wave ends and the Third Wave begins).

Whither Astrology in the New Magick?

Integral Magic™ Regards Today’s Astrology as Artifacts of an Earlier Worldview

There is a gulf between astrological concepts in Integral Magic™ and the same thoughts as they are used in other schools of Magick or by most astrologers practicing the ancient art. The Integral Magician regards contemporary Signs as artifacts of an earlier school of art-work, much as Enlightenment artists incorporated ideas from Renaissance art into their works, but maintained a critical distance.

Now the gulf between astrological concepts has opened into a wide canyon. On one side, the Integral Magician regards the old ideas of astrology as ingredients to make new recipes, building blocks for constructing new temples of thought, or pixels for arranging into new digital realities. But to the old astrology, the New Zodiac looks bereft of practical applications and ready answers to age old questions.

At this point in time, many of the proofs of the astrologer’s trade are not in existence with the New Zodiac. There are rough prototypes in some cases, but nothing ready for entering into serious public conversation. There are no birthcharts. There are no software programs for computing horoscopes. There are not even books to explicate the foundations of the New Zodiac.

All in good time. What we have at this point in time is a ground floor opportunity for the emergence of something new in the place where astrology once reigned supreme. This “something new” could be called astrology or perhaps not. It depends on too many stories that have not yet been told, the actors not yet cast, the directors and producers not yet having settled into their roles. You, the one reading this, your own role is emerging.

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Magick as Both a Science and Art

Magick is the Science and Art of Aligning Change to Conformity with Unique Will

Thelema defines Magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”, by which Integral Magic concurs with two relatively minor but not insignificant modifications: “Magick (or the New Magick) is the science and art of aligning change to conformity with Unique Will.”

Unchanged is the notion that Magick is both a science and an art, a perspective which is reflected by the understanding in Integral Magic™ that it is (a) a systematic enterprise that creates, builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe, and involves (b) creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts – artworks, expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. (These are common definitions which have been taken from Wikipedia’s pages for “Science” and “Art”.)

Let us begin to define Magick by opening a discussion of status of Magick as a Science or Art, a topic we will by no means exhaust. Today let us pause to marvel at the idea that Integral Magic brings together Art and Science in a new way, showing the beauty of science and the methodological rigor of art in a way which is nowhere else to be found. Magick is an Art-Science or Science-Art.

Let us take for an example of such “operational wonderment” the first Sign of the New Zodiac, which is the first techno-magical interface of the Integral Magic system. It is one of nine foundational artworks, designed to be architectures upon which many feats of Magick can be performed just as many creative works can be written on a blank scroll or empty journal. Consider these two points: (1) Signs are given the name of an animal, and (2) the name of the first Sign specifically is the Bear. The symbol of the Bear does not stand alone, but serves part of a systematic enterprise that creates knowledge in the form of the New Zodiac in a specific fashion, being the first of 54 distinct operators which create testable explanations and predictions about the universe.

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Welcome to The Integral Cauldron!

blog-logo Today inaugurates my new daily blog, a major undertaking but one I expect will be absolutely essential for the success of the amazing venture/adventure of the bold new Integral Magic™ system. This is the place to …

  • Climb from the “conceptually cold” Blue Magic of Integral Theory to the “fiery hot” Violet Magic of the Integral Magic system!
  • Learn advanced tools for navigating the choppy waters of Construct-Aware Consciousness.
  • Advance from Thelema to a more expansive, theoretically and philosophically sophisticated system of thought and practice.
  • Deepen your appreciation for the innovative magical system introduced in The Kalendar Series: Book One, The Black Stone.
  • Learn useful new tools for distinguishing the so-called “pre-rational” from the so-called “trans-rational”, refining the boundaries between Magenta Magick and Violet Magick.
  • Gain a foothold for approaching Lingua-U, Meta-Language of Subtle Energy (which is the seventh of nine techno-magical interfaces).
  • Study the New Zodiac, building conceptual bridges between Enneagram and astrological wisdom, potentially revolutionizing your understanding of psychological Types!
  • Examine the Yang Deck of the New Tarot, a fantastic new tool for decision-making grounded in the Yang strata of the New Map of the Archetypes.
  • Explore the New Kosmology, a new system of Elements which provides an awesome new schema for the Sacred Word traditions in which Deity Mysticism is grounded.
  • Find sneak previews into future developments in the New Magick such as the New Atlas, New Klock, New Kalendar, Wheel of Wholes, Tai Hsuan, and Map of the Subtleties.

Ramblings of the Conscientious Detailer

Hey fellow artists,

Couldn’t fall asleep, so I logged on. Saw a gorgeous work of art shared by my friend Heather who writes: “instead of pointillism, this is like visionarilism, painting with discrete visionary wholes. Love it!”

The artist is Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado, and while I haven’t seen his art before, it is truly a life-giving vision to behold. Originally from Torreon, Mexico, Calzado says, “I am an artist obsessed with detail. Expresing emotions and imagery through broken down elements of form and color, infusing a great light into each of my paintings.”

As it happens, I couldn’t have found this detail-obsessed art at a more appropriate and helpful time. This is the week that I have begun to re-launch my Web presence with more than one series of new posts that will elucidate my vision of a world philosophy, via a holy/unholy combination of art, philosophy, literature, poetry, and drivel.

(This is an example of the drivel.)

Every detail is so ALIVE in Calzado’s oil paintings. What’s the corollary in my philosophy?

It is a philosophy where every WORD is re-engineered from the ground up so that it is comprised of phonemes (sound-meaning units) which are strung together to tell stories about the Nature of Things in the Way Things Are and Could Be. I’m calling it Lingua-U … and only a few days ago kicked up the #linguau on Twitter and Facebook.

Yuck!, a hypothetical critic might say. Who wants a philosophy grounded in WORDS!!! (Especially when there are gurus sellling silence for free, sign up today!!!)

Ah, but I reply, you have misunderstood the role of WORDS in my philosophy. It is not logocentric. It is grounded in a series of nine major trans-metaphysical Integral practices which will simply be more DETAILED in important ways than we have previously seen if their stories are more fully told.

You can look at my first posts on a new Integral martial art — Taɪčivi — to see that it will bring 39 new primary forms of integrated body/mind practice, all of which are essential and integrated, and harmonized completely with the Lingua-U. Learn Lingua-U, you know the essence of the martial art. Learn the martial art, and you know the essence of Lingua-U.

It is the same with the New Zodiac which I have begun to write out for you. 54 new animal totems in 27 new signs in 9 new houses … all indispensible, all interwoven into a aesthetically pleasing whole with Lingua-U and beyohd.

And I haven’t even gotten to the really cool stuff, the hyper-detailed epic poem which constitutes Part Two of my forthcoming book The Black Stone, The Kalendar: Book One. Look for it this fall from Tangent Publishers.

Sometimes I feel my detail-obsession can get too onerous for me and tedious for others. Do we really need all that detail? The self-doubt creeps in.

Some spiritual teachers say there’s a simplicity on the other side of complexity. That’s true, sometimes, but then I look at what they offer up as simplicity and I know they haven’t quite seen the thorny problems in the complexity which they bypassed rather than solved in their own version of simplicity.

I’m an Enneagram 1 (The Perfectionist) with a 9 Wing (The Peacemaker). Does this help to explain it? It’s fascinating to me on multiple levels, but that’s a topic for another day. I’m rambling now.

What I want to say because it’s therapeutic to me is that I’m scared. I’m only at the beginning of a multi-year process of unfolding this PHILOSOPHICAL SPIRITUAL ART and sometimes I really feel that no one is paying attention, no one cares, that it’s all for nothing. I get caught up in my egoic feelings and wounds and wonder if I’m ever going to be good enough.

I’m not one of those spiritual thinkers who can crystallize their message into simple slogans like Happiness and Love and Peace and Nothingness is Wonderful or God Loves You, and then watch the adoration and money flow in to their ministries. I envy them because I imagine their work is easier than mine. But it probably isn’t. They’ve probably encountered just as difficult challenges on their path in their own unique ways. My path is more solitary. The Enneagram suggests that a good label for me is Conscientious Detailer (one of the sub-types of the Perfectionist).

Maybe the sooner I get around to accepting my unique gifts in this respect, the sooner I can get over my limiting beliefs stopping me from ROCKIING THIS WORLD.

I frequently feel like a sculptor chipping away at granite slowly in full public view. People walk by, see the incomplete sculpture, and hit the Unsubscribe or Un-Like or Un-friend buttons. That hurts. Moving on, celebrating the infinite joyous possibilities I could be attending to instead…

Love & Light,