Marco Tempest shows us the future of magic. It looks a lot like technology.

marco-tempest-from-tedMaybe something like Marco Tempest, who uses illusion to reveal truth. In this TED talk, he speaks the truth about self-deception.

“The brain is very good at forgetting. Bad experiences are quickly forgotten. Bad experiences quickly disappear. Which is why in this vast and lonely cosmos, we are so wonderfully optimistic. Our self-deception becomes a positive illusion. Why movies are able to take us onto extraordinary adventures. Why we believe Romeo when he says he loves Juliet. And why single notes of music when played together become a sonata and conjure up meaning.” [Transcript by J.P.]

If meaning is illusion and paradoxically a revealer of truth, have we not reached the limits of language to reveal reality? Have we not seen the union of truth and falsehood? And is not the experience of art and magic also so incredibly beautiful, as melodious as a sonata and as live-sustaining as falling in love?

This, and nothing far more sinister or sublime, is what a non-dual realization is all about. Forget for a minute what you might have read about deep dreamless sleep and esoteric Buddhist doctrine. Just revel in the magic show of ordinary experience and shed the illusion that you can capture it in any notion of The True, The Good, or The Beautiful. That is the only way to see how they are united.

An amazing techno-illusion by Marco Tempest:

Hat tip: Janet Callaway

Photo Credit: TED

Dumbledore on the magic of words

“Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.” — Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II

Ritualizing the Bridge of Light

This year I celebrated an original New Year’s Day tradition: the Bridge of Light, a tradition to honor the spiritual equality of all people. The tradition’s central symbol is the symbol of pluralism–the Rainbow Flag of diversity–transformed into a multi-dimensional integral┬áRainbow Bridge, a symbol of the unity of Light behind the diversity of colors.

My own celebratory ritual was a simple, improvised candle lighting ceremony. I smudged my space and then lit seven candles each of a different color. As I did so, I uttered one word that called to mind the value that I wanted to honor.

As the ritual concluded, I felt serene and hopeful. This was a great touch to enhance New Year’s Day and really make the day seem more special. In choosing to honor the Bridge of Light today, I am not alone. A new tradition has been birthed, led in large part by the gay/queer community. Let’s keep our eyes peeled to see how Spirit chooses to work with this opportunity for a new winter celebration of light.