The Wily Magician’s Best Secrets, Part 3

lol-dictionary-300x199Rule #3: The realm of language and symbol exists in a constant state of evolution, and we are active participants in a collective drama, the wily Magicians most of all. Use language responsibly.

Every word you say or write, every thought you co-create with unconscious processes in the individual and collective unconscious, every time you use a symbol to represent anything at all, you are co-creating. You are creating a beautiful Mandala in which all things are related. This is the awesome and awful truth. If you are like most people, you are oblivious to this unconscious drama. But if you are a wily Magician, then you can’t help but be drawn into this marvelous feature of life. It carries the potentiality to create and desecrate, destroy and delight, amaze and amyster. (The word “amyster” is a neologism that just created itself. It is supposed to mean “to make mystery”, but what it really means is a matter of how it is taken up in processes outside of my control.)

The wily Magician has many choices for using language, evolving it. I urge responsibility and vision and a willingness to submit to widespread cosmological forces working themselves out through linguistic evolution. Do not approach linguistic evolution like a child, babbling nonsense; nor like a teenager, neologizing like a cracked up rapper; nor like a typical adult, developing new words as tools to be used for utilitarian purposes; nor like a more mature adult, seeking novelty mainly in the depths of one’s unique experiences. Linguistic evolution occurs on many developmental levels and stations of life; be aware of your own purpose and nurture awareness and tolerance of many different forms of linguistic evolution. But none of the motives that I have mentioned are enough for the wily Magician. I urge linguistic evolution in the spirit of joining an amazing cosmic dance, recognizing your own special coordinate in a massive unfolding Mandala in which language has taken a great leap forward in its capabilities. I urge attuning yourself to the possibilities for linguistic novelty only available by learning a meta-language which unfolds the symbols of all the Sacred Word traditions in existence.

That is the breathtaking leap I have been hinting at! Do you see it? There is a meta-language available right now which stands as a prototype for arranging all the Sacred Word traditions known in 7,000 multifarious languages. The most essential vowel and consonant sounds are all there (there are a few less common sounds that aren’t depicted by the set of 40 letters, but some loss of variation is inevitable in a project of this sort). By attuning yourself to this meta-language, you can access the creative “spirits” that have been described by the yogis and esoterics and spiritualists for thousands of years, in a manner of speaking. You can make your acts of linguistic evolution powerful not merely because your creativity drudges up personal shadow material or egoistic knowledge, but because you have tapped into the Great Tradition of language mystics throughout all of human history.

(Maybe Lingua-U isn’t perfect. But it’s Version 1.0 of a new kind of language. Give it some time to grow and room to spread out and emerge with all the beautiful bluster it can muster. Lingua-U puts you at the Heart of the Living Logos. You can try accessing the Living Logos merely through one language, with its partly arcane and partly obsolete symbolism — all individual languages are in a state of decline — but you will lose sight of the way that Spirit has revealed itself throughout world history in a multitude of linguistic forms and expressions.)

Meta-language is the wily Magician’s most adroit friend and foe in climbing the stepladder of consciousness, one step at a time, enveloping all that is within Space, Time, and Thought. We have published “Lingua-U Codex: Excerpt A” and now there is a guide, a sort of Beginner’s Manual for accessing the Konstruct of Integral Magick, specifically Lingua-U and the Kalendar. Through a regular practice of breath and body-movement and subtle energy manipulation, it ought to be possible for any serious student of Integral Magick to figure their way to understanding their life, their world, their future, and the world’s future. This may seem like an overstatement, but on a subject of this incredible importance it is best to be up front about this technology’s potential.

(As an aside, the Codex not only describes past stages of development; through an iterative view of the fundamental features of each stage it allows us to begin to project forward to anticipate the highest possible stages of consciousness for human potential and destiny. In this sense, the Codex is an Oracular Text of a very peculiar sort: it is an Oracle which hopes to provide wisdom useful for making the route easier for human beings to climb to their highest potentials, depicted as Person-Perspectives. Stages of Consciousness. Levels of Maturity. For its functionality as an Oracular Text, the Codex depends on a precise numerology and geomancy, alignments of the features of thought with precision. But this is a topic for another day.)

Don’t worry today how to complete the project of learning a meta-language. Just think about how to begin. You have Excerpt A of the Codex. Go to town with it. Ask questions. Intuit the answers by yourself or with aid. Every time you create a new linguistic expression, coin a word or phrase, examine the Codex so you can understand what is emerging from within you: Yang, You, and Yin energetic forces more subtle than alphabetic letters. Learn if you are making language more Yin (or allowing Yin to express itself through you); or if you are making language more Yang (or becoming a pawn for Yang force); explore whether there are more Unitive possibilities than you have imagined previously.

The key is to recognize yourself as a vessel for linguistic evolution that is Kosmic in scale. It’s the shift in perspective to this scale that is key for integral magick. Don’t settle for merely pre-personal, personal, or even trans-personal forms of language generativity when you can go Kosmic, a truly massive up-leveling of your consciousness. Let every syllable — indeed, every phonetic feature — you utter be enhanced by awareness of its place on the Mandala of Everything. I promise after a while you won’t even have to try to evolve language consciously; Language will evolve You.

And remember: always use Lingua-U responsibility.



Where Does the Integral Magick Project Stand?

cauldronEarlier this year, I imagined that I would be writing a blog called The Integral Cauldron all year, and beyond, each entry building the backstory of my epic literary contribution, The Kalendar series of books. Not that it matters to very many people, but so you don’t have to speculate, the magic blog is on hold. In a sense it has been replaced by this blog, Brave New Words.

I have also paused my writing in The Kalendar series so I can focus on getting the word out about the first one. I need to function as both writer and marketer in most respects, and it’s time to make sure that people who might be interested in this phenomenon have the best possible chance of learning about it. Part epic poem, part fantasy-fiction, part Integral philosophy, part magick handbook and divination sourcebook. It is a genre-disruptive book indeed.

The Kalendar series of books are still imagined as a nine-book series delivered over several years for their own sake, and for accompanying the project of Integral Magick. They will tell the story of an immortal human being, Kalen O’Tolan, as his long years lead him from the Bronze Age of antiquity through our present day and a thousand years into our future. Along the way, he is killed at the Battle of Red Cliffs, and he returns (or so it seems) along a special Timeline, provided that the conditions of the Timeline are manifest.

Like other fantasy/sci-fi books that you will find on the bookstore shelves, the books in The Kalendar series contain a magical system. But unlike most other books, the magical system of these books is one that is intended for practice. The Integral Magick system is one which can be used for actual magical practice for “real” results, if the possibilities of the magickal system are fully realized. For example, there is a New Tarot delivered in nine suits, one in each book of the series; the entire Tarot system is available for use for psychics, mediums, and spiritual adepts who want to use this practice. Of course, it will help when the full Tarot decks – all of them: the Yang Deck, the Yin Deck, the You Deck — are published.

I have reserved two domains – and – at least one of which will contain my future writings intended to help people develop facility with the new system of magick. I have also begun to coalesce a Facebook group – the Integral Magic Circle at — where newbies and esoteric experts alike can discuss the new approach to magic. I don’t have as much time as I would like to lead discussions in the Magic Circle, but when I need to, I will make an entry in the private group.

All of this talk of websites and social media groups and fantasy books should tell you: the Integral Magick project is alive and progressing at a natural clip. If I knew more about the precise timing of its evolution, I would tell you. I am putting out trial balloons and testing the readiness and interest and knowledge of people who are kindred spirits. And where I am not finding the kindred spirits that I expect, I am going back to the drawing boards and figuring out if I need to adjust my initial ideas and plans.

So the Integral Cauldron blog is more or less defunct. I will re-boot it in a new place when the timing is right. In its place is this spot, Brave New Words, where magic will very much be a subject of discussion and, yes, teaching. I have a gut feeling that if there will be a resurgence of magick-al leadership capable of re-formulating the wisdom of past Magicians, then it will depend on a high degree of transparency and trust in the “powers” and “efficaciousness” of new Magicians. The new Magicians will need to build their credibility the old fashioned way: transparency, documented magical feats, and the ability to communicate to others the essential techniques necessary to realize the potential of “real” magick.

I believe in Integral Magick, and want to see it realized from acorn to stem, to trunk of a mighty oak. But I don’t control its growth. I can do my part, and see what comes next. Part of my hope for magick’s future is this blog. I think if I can explain the story behind the system’s genesis then people will be better able to understand the system’s importance and limitations.

Remember: Integral Magick is not necessary to perform feats of mundane achievement (egocentric magic), but feats of worldcentric magic unlike anything the world has ever seen. Through Lingua-U, it cam help to bridge the gaps between the theologies of all the world religions – offering a meta-language for reconciling the Divine Names and Holy Names. That is no small feat, and its success can certainly be measured by Magicians, if they possess a sufficiently high level of consciousness for knowing wicked good magick when they see it.

Let Me Reintroduce Myself.

joeperez2016“Brave New Words” is a fitting title for this new, highly experimental weblog.

I will need to muster my courage to bear words on subjects that I have never seen others write about, especially words about the intersection of creativity, mysticism, and madness.

You see, I am a mystic. And I have been diagnosed with Bipolar I, a psychiatric condition which has given me access to extraordinary and unbelievable states of mind, to say the very least. I am going to write about stuff that will range from neuron-melting horror to exquisite love and feelings/situations for which we lack a name. Forgive me if I am vague at this time about what I want to write about. I am intentionally NOT going to say what I want to. You need to get to know me better first, and if you can handle my earlier journal entries, then maybe just maybe you can handle the rest to come, psychosis-fueled nightmares and benedictions alike.

I am a man with a map. Several maps. Maybe too many maps. The maps I’m talking about don’t describe the physical geography and place names; they describe the inner/outer worlds that I’ve encountered, what I found there, and how I got myself home (or at least the place I call home). Every map has gone through numerous inner revisions so that I can use them in a practical way. A collection of maps called AQAL have been extraordinarily useful to me — they are a key part of Integral Theory as formulated by Ken Wilber — and on this account I call myself “Integral” or an “Integralist”. I have also been much influenced by the maps of StAGES — a key part of the Integral theory, correlated with AQAL, which has been formulated by Terri O’Fallon and other folks.)

But I have added some maps which are closer to the breadcrumbs in the story of Hansel and Gretel. Hard to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but in a pinch they might lead you out of danger and darkness back to a better place. These are magical maps, the most significant is the Lingua-U Alphabet. It is a comprehensive schema for finding the places where meaning fails and where meta-meaning arises … if that is the best word for it, and it isn’t, but it will do. There are other maps as well including the Bear-Yak Zodiac, the Stone-Star Tarot, the Kalendar, the New Kosmology, the New Atlas, etc. (I have coined the phrase Integral Magick to describe the maps I have added to AQAL and StAGES, so if you want to use them yourself you can call them by a proper name.

There are quite a few reasons I have put off writing this journal. I don’t know in advance what I will be willing to tell you. There’s some really fucked up shit, as they say. Getting in my way: suffering.

I know that in the course of the past 16 years I have suffered tremendously in situations involving multiple arrests and incarceration, multiple involuntary stays in psychiatric wards and one voluntary commitment, more than a few public displays of outrageous insanity (and not just screeds on my Facebook wall), and much of this trauma has not been fully healed. My life is damaged in ways you cannot understand unless you have walked in my shoes or, just maybe, if you read my words and expand your horizons to allow yourself to embrace more fullness than you have heretofore. If you do so, you can see me, see where I’ve been hiding out in words and silences, never telling you who I am (or Who I Am, if I may speak about the essences beyond the persona), except through innuendo and supposition.

I want to write this journal, but slowly, because as I get closer to the truth, I am more vulnerable. My traumas stop me with great fear. They are darker and more twisted and complex than you know … so I will not write directly about the unhealed wounds until I am ready. I have broken and imperfect therapeutic options available to me. One of them is writing, especially stream of consciousness writing, as a form of catharsis. So writing a weblog is one of my routes for finding healing.

That’s something I might have said at the outset of my spiritual autobiography Soulfully Gay, which is a shell game of persona and Supreme Identity, twisting and turning to a surprise ending. Too many people never got the point (perhaps they gave up before the final chapter). Published about 9 years ago by Integral Books/Shambhala, it ought to serve as a warning. I don’t tell stories in a linear fashion (not even the book’s Introduction, which leads to an ellipses which preserves the narrative’s surprise. The book ends ambiguously, unless you know the actual details of fact which were left out, then it becomes clear. For all these past years I’ve kept the book’s secret climax pretty well. Only once did I spill the beans. I think I’ll take a stab at spoiling the ending for everyone once and for all, or at least giving the author’s interpretation. Look for a post in the days ahead which will confirm your suspicions, if you’ve been following my work at all … and maybe knock your socks off, I don’t know, or unleash volatile or even hostile reactions in you. I don’t know exactly why I’ve left the book’s final chapter without commentary even to this day, but I feel fear. I must step through it soon, and again and again for additional chapters of my unwritten autobiography, until I can bring everyone up to the present. And to fuller presence.

I can’t promise you that reading my journal will be a treat in great literature. A glorious trainwreck, quite possibly! I don’t want to “sell you” at all at becoming a reader. You might find this interesting or you might have different work to do in your life. But come along if you are willing. And if you want to dip into the archive of my writings over the past 11 years, I’ve kept some posts from my old blogs online, so feel free to explore. I promise you terror … and laughs … and holy fuck moments. And maybe enlightenment too. That’s a secret I’m not yet ready to spoil.

Enlightenment is a secret. That’s what they ought to say, everyone who claims to know something about it. It’s not for common knowledge, for it can be a holy hellhole in which no one can escape with the truth. At least that’s my opinion today. It could change if writing and therapy and love have a way of evolving my perceptions.

Introducing Phonosemantic Meditation (PM)

You are invited to follow a new series of Facebook status updates at Joe Perez – Author which introduce the practice of Phonosemantic Meditations. These are simple sacred utterances or mantras which have the ability to re-orient one’s relationship to language — and foster the emergence of a trans-linguistic awareness — over time through repetition.

The practice builds day by day by linking the phoneme meaning — say, /kɛ/, for the start of the word Care — with the energetic posture by mindfully recognizing the Lingua-U equivalent hexagram, ╎╎╎╎│┆, in your speech kinesthetics and by expressing the subtle energy in your body’s posture.

Each day has both a morning and evening practice. There are 729 distinct meditations over the course of the calendar year, two per day. In a year’s time, as the stations of the Kalendar are traversed, the entire Lingua-U alphabet is enfolded into your awareness through this simple daily meditative practice. In this way, your awareness of the subtle connections between speech, body, and the natural world coalesce in a new harmony.

Phonosemantic Meditations are a core daily practice necessary for the study of Integral Magick. If you are at all curious about developing tearing down the body/mind barriers created by a lack of a more comprehensive language awareness, or if you want to up-level your subtle energy work, “like” and share these posts, and begin to use Lingua-U’s meta-map of a Universal Language of Energy to enhance your spiritual development.

While mantras have been around for 1000s of years, there’s never been a fairly comprehensive set of them suitable for meditative practice and inquiry until now. That’s the point of up-leveling your existing mantra practice, if you have one, with Phonosemantic Meditations (PMs).

There are 729 different hexagrams which depict mantras for reciting, two per day for an entire solar year. A simple way to get started with PMs is to recite the vowel sound expressed in the first two symbols of the day’s hexagram. Today it is ╎╎, which is the schwa vowel or “ə” sound as in “custom”. Add this vowel to your sitting meditation or yoga practice in an unobtrusive way. Change the vowel every 40 days with the start of each new month of the Kalendar.

In this way, you can begin to know the inner nature of nine common vowel sounds, the nine Secondary Vowels of ‪#‎LinguaU‬. As you are ready to deepen your practice, you can learn to express the consonants like ╎╎╎for K or combine them into consonant-vowel expressions like ╎╎╎╎╎ for /kə/ or ╎╎╎╎╎ for vowel-consonant expressions like /ək/.

New Zodiac Sign No. 2: The Bat

The second Animwaa of the Bear-Yak Zodiac is the Great Bat, Ayvi, Truest Friend of Beionai the Great Bear, and Most Loyal of the Fierce Friends.

2. The Bat


Army: The Fierce Friends

Role: Self-Sufficient Friend

Constellation: B

Enneagram: No. 1, The Perfect Foe

Kalendar: │││╎, │││┆

Old Zodiac: Capricorn 8° – Capricorn 14°

Dates: Dec. 29 AM – Jan. 4 AM

Complement: Quail


The Bat answered the call of her best friend, the Bear, and joined the First Army of the New Zodiac. She originated the name “Fierce Friends” for the group — which included also the Bear, Pig, Platypus, Viper, Vulture, Fish, Fox, and Panther — and took it upon herself to enforce loyalty in the group. She insisted on obedience to the Bear’s demands and careful attention to his wisdom in order to ensure the survival of the entire New Zodiac. She was encouraged in her role by Kalen, who asked her to do everything she could to help the Bear succeed as the Detail-Conscious Leader of all the Six Armies.

Kalen taught Bat much about her spiritual importance. The Bat’s spirit teaches us to dwell in darkness — fears, uncertainty, death — to become resilient and let go of the ego and shadows we are clinging to that need to be shed. Bat symbolizes renewal and inner work, much as the Bear’s hibernation represents an inward path of rest and recuperation. The spirit of the Bat is one committed to growth and perseverance, sometimes with the aid of shamanic healers or initiated teachers. A bringer of wisdom, Bat guides us in facing our fears.

The Bat earned the nickname “Self-Sufficient Friend” among the Fierce Friends because of her strong, independent streak. She never asked Bear or any other member of the gang for anything for herself, only insisting that everyone put the needs of the whole ahead of their own individual needs. Because of her devotion to the Great Bear, she did not have the desire to mate with another Bat. Although she was childless she nevertheless inspired many. To this day, among the descendants of other Animwaa in the order Chiroptera, Ayvi remains a popular name for girls and boys and yunes who are devoted, altruistic, and fiercely loyal companions.

When Kalen and Beionai explained Ayvi’s role to her, at first she assumed that she must be associated with Enneagram point No. 2, the Helper. But no, in fact, her place was at the Bear’s side, a Perfectionist among the Fierce Friends, insisting on devotion to the Bear’s wise leadership and their common purpose. The strategy she was given was that of the Perfect Foe. Her secret counsel, known to few, was to gather companions who would help her to penetrate Capricorn’s inner circle and learn of his darkest fears. Her penetration into his domain must be complete; her secrecy total. It was said that Capricorn knew the day and time and place of his death, and he guarded the secret well. Ayvi’s espionage mission would take her into the darkest domain of the Sea-Goat in a vital quest to learn how he could be defeated.

Ayvi’s twin resources for completing her mission: her pillar of strength against all hardship and her hardworking nature. She is linked to the last two degrees of the first and the first four degrees of the second decans of Capricorn, and so she shares several personality traits with the Sea-Goat. In her resolve to help Kalen and the Bear to defeat him, she must match his own nature, but without his dictatorial and rigid tendencies or his melancholy and pessimism. Fortunately she can tap the warm feelings she gets from her many companions in the New Zodiac who have taught her how to take herself less seriously.