Introducing a New Violet Technology for Advanced Integral Development

Integral Magic is Violet Magic, a Meta-System of a Construct-Aware Worldview

You’ve heard of Black Magic and White Magic, archaic terminology referring to the use of magic for evil or selfish purposes or good and benevolent purposes. In the Integral Magic™ system, these uses of the terms are deprecated. Instead, there are nine different colors which are used to designate magical techniques or abilities dependent on each of Nine Squares (which are similar to Stations of Consciousness).

(There is a New Black Magic – but it has to do with connecting to the so-called “root chakra” or regressive technologies which are not necessarily evil or good. And there is a New White Magic – but it has to do with using ego strengthening technologies to create states of equilibrium, processes which are not necessarily good or evil. We will talk about these colors of Magick another day.)

The New Magick is basically Violet Magic, a meta-system of a Construct-Aware / Ego-Aware worldview. What is that? According to the consciousness researcher Susanne Cook-Greuter, who has gathered reams of empirical psychological data and looked into this sort of thing longer and with more depth than most people, it is a stage of ego-maturity which has become fully Ego-aware, and is found in only a very small percentage of folks. (In Ken Wilber’s Integral Spirituality, these stages correspond to the Indigo and Violet altitudes.) She writes:

The Construct-aware and the Ego-aware Stage [5/6] is the final observed differentiation in the sequence of overall differentiation or separation from a previous worldview on the path to an ever greater integration or union. Unfortunately, the “professional” labels that have been used or suggested for this stage — Magician, Alchemist, Crone, Jester etc. — are all inadequate to express the varieties and depth of understanding, this level is able to gain. The professional labels tend to reflect behavioral aspects of this stage that are not shared by all of its representatives.

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Key Integral Tenets for Human Nature

stepsI have created a simple list of twelve items to summarize a not-so-simple thing. Incorporating elements of Ken Wilber’s “Twenty Tenets of All Holons” along with some insights from my own work and general AQAL Theory, I hereby present a list of tenets for describing human nature.

1. We realized that nothing in the universe exists on its own. Every being in the universe is incomplete on its own, and requires the redemption of every other being for its completeness.

2. Love is the basic nature of existence and this Love flows in two directions: from the Source of All-That-Is to the Destination of All-That-Is, and from the Destination back to the Source.

3. The flow of Love from the Source to the Destination is the basic drive of evolution. We evolve by aligning ourselves with Love.

4. Fear is the chief opposing force of existence. It manifests in two directions: from the Source of All-That-Is to the Destination of All-That-Is, and from the Destination back to the Source.

5. Our responses to Love and Fear take two primal forms: communion and agency, which are also the evolutionary drives to self-preservation and self-adaptation respectively.

6. Generally all things display a tendency to change according to the two primal directions: Same-Directed Love and Other-Directed Love, which put another way is the drive to self-immanence and self-transcendence.

7. As distinction-making creatures, human beings have perceived the patterns of existence through types of gender and sexuality. In communal forms, the female; in agentic forms, the male; in self-immanent forms, the homophile; in self-transcendent forms, the heterophile. Human beings come in these varieties and more.

8. Human development occurs along a wide spectrum of lines of growth: physical, psychosexual, aesthetic, identity, moral, spiritual, and more.

9. Spiritual growth tetra-arises in four dimensions: the individual’s interior life, the individual’s body, the culture, and the socio-economic foundation. These dimensions are sometimes called the Four Quadrants.

10. Growth may be characterized as enfolding greater and greater degrees of The True, The Good, and The Beautiful.

11. A variety of states of consciousness have been observed such as gross, subtle, and causal states. Practicing different states effects holistic development.

12. Incorporating growth in multiple quadrants and lines, states and types, integral development occurs vertically, producing growth in levels or stages. Put in the service of redeeming all sentient beings, wholeness arises out of partiality.
Do you like it? How would you improve these? You may comment on this thread or contact me privately with your impressions.

On this blog and the future of spiritual blog publishing

Squiggles (Credit: Jez Atkinson)

Dear Reader,

One of the many pearls of wisdom I’ve gained from the Signals vs. Noise blog is plain talk questioning the notion of “business planning.” Jason Fried writes:

Busting your ass planning something important? Feel like you can’t proceed until you have a bulletproof plan in place? Replace “plan” with “guess” and take it easy. That’s all plans really are anyway: guesses.

So next time you’re working on a business plan, call it a business guess. And that financial plan? It’s a financial guess. Strategic planning? Call it with it really is: a strategic guess. 5 year plan? You mean 5 year guess.

There’s nothing wrong with guessing, dreaming, or predicting, but it’s not planning. Planning’s too definite a term for most things. We often use planning when we really mean guessing. And what we call it has a lot to do with how we think about it, do about it, and devote to it. I think companies often over think, over do, and over devote to planning.

So next time call a plan a guess and just get to work.

Tonight I’m thinking of my best guess for the future of spirituality publishing on the World Wide Web. Where do I see it going in 5 years or more? Where do I see my own contribution landing and within what bigger picture of what the world is evolving into?

My best guess a week ago — a vision of creating a top “Integral blog” — looks like it may be landing within a more expansive vision. Planning is in constant response to a changing environment. What if I’ve been thinking too small?

In a post on August 9, I explained that I want to be the No. 1 blogger in my niche in the U.S., maybe the world, “Whatever that niche is.”

That’s a vision that spoke loudly through me on that particular day, but one that overall I hold lightly as one piece of a mosaic of contributions I’ll be making to the world in the next stage of my career. But I still believe that in order to be exceptional at what you do, it’s very important to know your niche.

My niche is “Integral,” but it’s not yet clear to me how this label intersects with a range of emerging evolutionary and progressive and intellectually rigorous approaches to being human in the 21st century.  I suspect there may be a more useful way of talking about my niche that can include more people and allow me express my Self without compromise without getting too attached to a particular dialect of spiritual discourse.

Tonight I spent a while on the phone with a friend who offered some insights into how Awake, Alive & Aware might fit into a more expansive vision of world spirituality, enlightenment, and integral development. I’m intrigued by the enriched possibilities that may exist if I revisit the question: what is my niche?

As my blog’s tagline says, I’ve been “blogging for a more integral and conscious world since 2003.” On and off. Much of the off-time has been spent confused about the strategic vision for spiritual communications in a world transitioning beyond postmodernity.

Planning has been next to impossible. Last week’s plans are today’s recyling. The landscape is constantly shifting, and yet a need remains unfulfilled and an opportunity untapped for a blog which really brings fresh thinking to spiritual discourse in America and beyond.

Long story short, in the days and weeks ahead I am entering into dialogue with myself and others about the future of integral spiritual publishing … and how Awake, Alive & Aware can best integrate and lead the way towards a common vision. If something productive emerges from these conversations, you’ll be the first to know.

Meanwhile, I’m blogging as usual. I’m also be putting my plans to open the blog to sponsors and advertisers on hold for just a little while until the dust settles.

Much love,