Where Does the Integral Magick Project Stand?

cauldronEarlier this year, I imagined that I would be writing a blog called The Integral Cauldron all year, and beyond, each entry building the backstory of my epic literary contribution, The Kalendar series of books. Not that it matters to very many people, but so you don’t have to speculate, the magic blog is on hold. In a sense it has been replaced by this blog, Brave New Words.

I have also paused my writing in The Kalendar series so I can focus on getting the word out about the first one. I need to function as both writer and marketer in most respects, and it’s time to make sure that people who might be interested in this phenomenon have the best possible chance of learning about it. Part epic poem, part fantasy-fiction, part Integral philosophy, part magick handbook and divination sourcebook. It is a genre-disruptive book indeed.

The Kalendar series of books are still imagined as a nine-book series delivered over several years for their own sake, and for accompanying the project of Integral Magick. They will tell the story of an immortal human being, Kalen O’Tolan, as his long years lead him from the Bronze Age of antiquity through our present day and a thousand years into our future. Along the way, he is killed at the Battle of Red Cliffs, and he returns (or so it seems) along a special Timeline, provided that the conditions of the Timeline are manifest.

Like other fantasy/sci-fi books that you will find on the bookstore shelves, the books in The Kalendar series contain a magical system. But unlike most other books, the magical system of these books is one that is intended for practice. The Integral Magick system is one which can be used for actual magical practice for “real” results, if the possibilities of the magickal system are fully realized. For example, there is a New Tarot delivered in nine suits, one in each book of the series; the entire Tarot system is available for use for psychics, mediums, and spiritual adepts who want to use this practice. Of course, it will help when the full Tarot decks – all of them: the Yang Deck, the Yin Deck, the You Deck — are published.

I have reserved two domains – integralmagic.com and integralmagick.com – at least one of which will contain my future writings intended to help people develop facility with the new system of magick. I have also begun to coalesce a Facebook group – the Integral Magic Circle at https://www.facebook.com/groups/integralmagic/ — where newbies and esoteric experts alike can discuss the new approach to magic. I don’t have as much time as I would like to lead discussions in the Magic Circle, but when I need to, I will make an entry in the private group.

All of this talk of websites and social media groups and fantasy books should tell you: the Integral Magick project is alive and progressing at a natural clip. If I knew more about the precise timing of its evolution, I would tell you. I am putting out trial balloons and testing the readiness and interest and knowledge of people who are kindred spirits. And where I am not finding the kindred spirits that I expect, I am going back to the drawing boards and figuring out if I need to adjust my initial ideas and plans.

So the Integral Cauldron blog is more or less defunct. I will re-boot it in a new place when the timing is right. In its place is this spot, Brave New Words, where magic will very much be a subject of discussion and, yes, teaching. I have a gut feeling that if there will be a resurgence of magick-al leadership capable of re-formulating the wisdom of past Magicians, then it will depend on a high degree of transparency and trust in the “powers” and “efficaciousness” of new Magicians. The new Magicians will need to build their credibility the old fashioned way: transparency, documented magical feats, and the ability to communicate to others the essential techniques necessary to realize the potential of “real” magick.

I believe in Integral Magick, and want to see it realized from acorn to stem, to trunk of a mighty oak. But I don’t control its growth. I can do my part, and see what comes next. Part of my hope for magick’s future is this blog. I think if I can explain the story behind the system’s genesis then people will be better able to understand the system’s importance and limitations.

Remember: Integral Magick is not necessary to perform feats of mundane achievement (egocentric magic), but feats of worldcentric magic unlike anything the world has ever seen. Through Lingua-U, it cam help to bridge the gaps between the theologies of all the world religions – offering a meta-language for reconciling the Divine Names and Holy Names. That is no small feat, and its success can certainly be measured by Magicians, if they possess a sufficiently high level of consciousness for knowing wicked good magick when they see it.

The New Magick Does Not Stand Alone. It Is Integrally Integrated.

integralMagic-logo-smallThe New Magick Offers A Constructed Kosmology In Which Space, Time, and Thought Are Depicted Harmoniously 

As we have seen on The Integral Cauldron, the Integral Magic™ philosophy posits a cosmology of a sort never-before-seen: one which doesn’t just describe the world as a given (“That’s just the way it is!”), as pre-modern and modern worldviews tend to do, but as a “magical” world of Art-Science which is aligned (constructed) with Unique Will. Postmodernism isn’t really interested in constructing a magical world; for the most part it is content with destroying or trivializing the magical connections others make.

In the New Magick, the act of creating the new cosmology is part of the whole picture, and part of the magic itself, an act of consciousness developed at a refined level of ego-maturity which is capable of appreciating “world creation”. Integral Magic offers a worldview in which everything is connected to every other thing, all things are whole/parts (or “holons” as they were called by Arthur Koestler) and analogies may be freely made between one whole/part and another whole/part, and guidance and wisdom received freely. Spirituality pertains to invisible realms again, not just psychological phenomena. Acausal connections are normalized and synchronicity ceases to be aberrant.

What does Integral Magic look like? I have a very specific proposal to advance for your consideration in The Integral Cauldron blog and The Kalendar Series of books. There is a long story regarding how I got here, and why I have made the creative choices that I have made, but they aren’t really important right now. What is important is that I have developed a magical system which I believe to be meta-modern or post-post-modern if you will have it. I have done this with a key opening move: tracing the essence of all magic down to its roots in two sources: language on the one hand and number on the other.

With language, there is the question of which one to base it on? But I submit that any effort to base Integral Magic on a specific language is doomed to failure; thus I have chosen instead to base it mostly on the sound symbolism of the International Phonetic Alphabet, the cross-linguistic universal generalizations which have defined the essential capabilities for virtually all recorded languages. To connect the symbols of IPA with number, I have found that the ternary numbering system is ideally suited for representing a very large number of vowels and consonants (the number base in which the numbers of 0, 1, and 2 represent all possible values). Indeed, when the numbers are represented in simple line glyphs, the first 12 symbols correlate to all the most popular vowel sounds, and the next 27 symbols can be taken to represent all the most widely used consonant sounds.

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Welcome to The Integral Cauldron!

blog-logo Today inaugurates my new daily blog, a major undertaking but one I expect will be absolutely essential for the success of the amazing venture/adventure of the bold new Integral Magic™ system. This is the place to …

  • Climb from the “conceptually cold” Blue Magic of Integral Theory to the “fiery hot” Violet Magic of the Integral Magic system!
  • Learn advanced tools for navigating the choppy waters of Construct-Aware Consciousness.
  • Advance from Thelema to a more expansive, theoretically and philosophically sophisticated system of thought and practice.
  • Deepen your appreciation for the innovative magical system introduced in The Kalendar Series: Book One, The Black Stone.
  • Learn useful new tools for distinguishing the so-called “pre-rational” from the so-called “trans-rational”, refining the boundaries between Magenta Magick and Violet Magick.
  • Gain a foothold for approaching Lingua-U, Meta-Language of Subtle Energy (which is the seventh of nine techno-magical interfaces).
  • Study the New Zodiac, building conceptual bridges between Enneagram and astrological wisdom, potentially revolutionizing your understanding of psychological Types!
  • Examine the Yang Deck of the New Tarot, a fantastic new tool for decision-making grounded in the Yang strata of the New Map of the Archetypes.
  • Explore the New Kosmology, a new system of Elements which provides an awesome new schema for the Sacred Word traditions in which Deity Mysticism is grounded.
  • Find sneak previews into future developments in the New Magick such as the New Atlas, New Klock, New Kalendar, Wheel of Wholes, Tai Hsuan, and Map of the Subtleties.