Andrew Cohen points to a path beyond the ‘new paradigm’

Andrew Cohen

Are the days of Integral numbered? Indubitably.

Spiritual teacher and publisher Andrew Cohen writes in “From the Many to the One”:

We may have to let go in a deeper way. Indeed, at this juncture, in order to continue to move forward, our attachment to the broadness of our hard-won perspective may need to be given up. To push the edge of our own evolution, we may have to take that leap that only masters take. But in our own case, in order to take that same leap, we have to be willing to go beyond not only the ego but also the very knowing mind and inclusive worldview that has become our cherished “new paradigm.” For those at the leading edge, the way to the future has to take us beyond where we have come to—as significant as it is. What this means is that our perspective has to shift gears, so to speak, so that we will be able to see the many through the eyes of the One.

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Andrew Cohen on what’s wrong with “Be Here Now”

Andrew Cohen

From drumming in a jazz band to the existence of evil, Andrew Cohen talks shop with Tam Hunt in “Evolutionary Spirituality,” appearing in today’s Santa Barbara Independent.

Tam Hunt asks:

You gently criticize the notion of “be here now,” advocated by a great many spiritual teachers, in favor of a future-oriented spirituality. But isn’t it true that we only ever exist in the now and if we don’t embrace this truth we can never be happy now? The process philosophy view of the world holds that we do impact the present through our choices in every moment, as well as the future.

Andrew Cohen replies:

Yes, I agree that if we don’t embrace the present moment we won’t be able to be happy. That being said, “Be Here Now” and the “Power of Now” mysticism point us towards the mystery of the eternal present, the timeless, infinite ground of all Being as the source of spiritual freedom. But in the new Evolutionary Enlightenment that I teach, I point towards a different source of spiritual emancipation, which is what I call the Evolutionary Impulse, that miraculous energy and intelligence that took that leap from nothing to something and created and is still creating the entire universe. The evolutionary impulse within each and every one of us is always reaching toward the future. So for one who has awakened to that impulse, embracing the present moment means that the future is existing as an ever-present living potential, right now. With this awareness of the future, your consciousness expands and there’s a sense of being intensely awake. Why? Because your conscious, living relationship with the future begins to enlighten your relationship to the present moment—enlighten it with conscience and purpose. So yes, there is a tremendous care about now, about this moment, because of your awareness of the future. So that means that your active, participatory relationship with the present moment becomes an expression of your care for the future. It’s my conviction that this kind of evolutionary orientation to mysticism is much more culturally relevant to the time and the world we are living in.

Read the rest of the interview. More about Andrew Cohen is available at his website/blog.

Andrew Cohen puts focus on “soul development”

Andrew Cohen has a blog? How did I miss that? Thanks to TimBomb for the link.

In this blog post, Andrew Cohen describes his vision–beginning to be realized among his students, he reports–of Enlightenment inside an intersubjective context. Here’s a short clip:

It became apparent to me that unless the experience of enlightenment could transcend the boundaries of the individual, the “enlightened one,” its ultimate power and capacity to effect deep change and profound transformation in this world would be inherently limited. But if the individual human vessel became truly transparent, then the impersonal ground of egoless consciousness could become the very foundation and context for relatedness. I’ve always intuitively known that if such a momentous shift would occur, all bets would be off and what would become possible for human beings to accomplish together would be unimaginable. Enlightenment beyond the personal, liberation beyond the individual, the consciousness of One being shared by the many in a context of multiplicity and relatedness.

And in this follow-up post, Ellen Daly reports that “soul development is taking on a new urgency and significance for anyone interested in the evolutionary transformation [Andrew’s] teaching points to.”