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The Kalendar: A New Medicine Wheel

There’s a new spiritual technology coming which can help individuals and communities to tap into the power of Nature and Sacred Time. It is influenced by some indigenous and aboriginal cultural beliefs as well as the mystical vision of Sun Bear (author of the classic book “The Medicine Wheel”), but it goes to an even deeper, more intricate place to access power available through a universal sacred language and a synthesis of the philosophical ideas of ancient Daoism and Confucianism.

The new Medicine Wheel does not rely on any one tribe’s sacred stories and medicine, or even on the culture of a large group of geographically proximate tribes, but on the collective wisdom of humanity. It incorporates wisdom from nature-based religions (animism), tradition-based religions (Chinese religions and Abrahamic faiths), and contemporary philosophies (developmental psychology and interdisciplinary meta-theory).

If this sounds like something you want to learn more about, I invite you to follow along my Facebook page at Joe Perez – Author. Keep an open mind and you will discover a little bit every day.

Here’s just a sample:

  • The Nine Square Kalendar — Discover poetry and images to help you explore the subtle patterns of change described by a six-line hexagram given for every half-day of the year. Each hexagram is also linked to a Kosmic Coordinate which matches a Stage, Type, Quadrant, and Zone from contemporary Integral Theory.
  • The New Zodiac — Discover 54 new animal totems, along with their unique mythic stories as each animal rose to prominence in the the Great War of the Zodiacs. Plants and minerals are also recognized throughout the year.
  • The Lingua-U — Discover 729 sacred mantras for use with breathwork and private or group meditations to help experience the sacred sounds. These are universal phonetic symbols giving rise to the beauty and sacredness of the most important symbols of 7,000 languages, including Native and Aboriginal languages.

The Kalendar Series as Integral Christian Sacred Literature

i hesitate to write that The Kalendar Series is the domain of a specific religion, because it isn’t. I am a Catholic Christian, but The Kalendar no more belongs to Christianity than the I Ching belongs exclusively to Confuciainism, The Canon of Supreme Mystery belongs exclusively to Chinese philosophy, or The Koran belongs exclusively to Islam.

The Kalendar contains sacred poetry and literature which belongs to all the world’s sacred traditions and secular wisdom schools as well. It is a work of Integral literature, recognizably Catholic Christian (I think) by those who have the eyes open to see the connections but not so closely aligned that there isn’t room for serious debate about whether to include or exclude it from the tradition’s lights. There’s plenty to frighten traditionalists and fundamentalists who don’t want to see the literature’s gifts. There’s also plenty in The Kalendar to appeal to Eastern spiritual aficionados, including a whole new interpretation of the Canon of Supreme Mystery, the hidden and virtually unknown Summa Theologica written by the sage who is called the Thomas Aquinas of ancient China.

The tenets of the Catholic Christian tradition are boldly asserted in the opening poems of “The Surrender of Symbiosis”, in particular the poems on “Angel” (The First Month), “Bible” (the Solstice), and “Book” (Christmas afternoon). “Angel” proclaims a personal connection to the Archangel Gabriel, “Bible” claims a Prophetic role for Kalen O’Tolan, the book’s protagonist who is called The Word made Flesh, and “Book” announces that Judeo-Christian-Islamic faith is not a religion of the Book or even of Language, but of the Lingua-U (Meta-Language). Since the Lingua-U is essentially one with the most secret and comprehensive philosophical treatise of China, it is not only an ecumenical and interfaith proclamation within the Abrahamic faiths but a proclamation of potential East/West harmony.

I won’t analyze the poetry now, except to say that it makes a stunning claim to be part of the mainstream Judeo-Christian-Islamic Prophetic tradition, not because the author says so (which would be silly and arrogant), but because the author has presented Lingua-U, an Angelic Tongue which provides irrefutable numerological and esoteric validation of key elements of the Abrahamic faiths from Genesis to the Book of Revelations to the Koran. In the poetry of this volume, it is announced that The Kalendar is a poem of 729 stations, one for each hexagram of the Canon of Supreme Mystery, with the first station being “Bible” (Mind of God), and the final station being “Yahweh” (Name of God). Although Lingua-U is technically an invented language, the assignment of meta-words to stations is not at the language creator’s discretion but a function of the kinesthetic features of each letter’s pronunciation when their phonetic features are described with subtle energy markers. The first and last stations are linked soteriologically and as a matter of Revelation for believers who accept a place for The Kalendar in the mosaic of scripture for their tradition.

Wild, trippy stuff, sacred as heck … as well as a nifty piece of child-friendly sci-fi fantasy fiction about a boy and a talking bear on a quest to obtain the original Omphalos of Delphi … hope you enjoy it.

Here’s an excerpt from the poem “Bible”‘s second set of verses.


Bible is Baby:
Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang!
They are the same to seven marks of subtle energy!
This proof has come by Lingua-U!

Born at Midnight’s Bay,
the Word is made Flesh.

Listen, there is good news!

Baby is Kalen (in My story),
a new prophet to show you
how Bible comes from Yahweh —
You You You You You You becoming
Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang!
Hallelujiah, praise him!

The Holy Names must be set in union
starting with this linguistic communion
linking the last You to the first Yang!
Kalen is the Rounder to show you the Round!

New revelation
comes not to replace
or end a chapter of Bible,
but to stand upright
as a living being
made One with everything.

The Secret of Water, According to Magic, Myth, Science, Integral Thought, Mysticism, and Non-Dual Revelation

Ice specks floating in a cloud in space may be the origin of all the water on Earth. The ancient ice witnessed the solar system’s genesis and some settled on the Earth. By tracing rare components in heavy water, scientists are hoping to demonstrate this theory of water’s origin, reports the New York Times.

But could water’s secret meaning be linked to the most evolved Yang form of the Witnessing consciousness at the Seat of Unity? This is the fantastic claim made by Lingua-U.

Let’s start with a mind open to many possibilities. Water is not what it appears. It may be a voyager older than the sun which has travelled in space over billions of years. It may be an elder with memory of all the living beings who have imbibed it. It may be an alien which is observing our world to learn how we are using its gifts.

Magical and mythical perspectives on water are not uncommon, though today they are not as influential as the scientific conception of it as H20. Magicians work with water as one of the core elements of all things: it is sometimes seen as a cleansing, healing, and emotional element. In myth, water deities such as Poseidon have been controlling the oceans, rivers, storms, and floods for thousands of years.

And then there’s the mystic’s view of water as an analogy for the Divine. Poets such as Rumi have compared the ocean without shores to the essence of being and the waves of the ocean to creation itself, manifest beings.

There is another view of water which is neither magical, mythic, scientific, nor merely mystical. It is a combination of these perspectives which takes each of these views as partially valid at particular stations of life (often seen as a developmental continuum of evolutionary stages). This, of course, is an integral understanding, in the sense of the Integral spirituality linked to Ken Wilber’s core philosophy or evolutionary spirituality.

And then there is yet another view of water which is non-dual in the sense that it recognizes that there is only one Reality, the Kosmos manifest and unmanifest, come and not yet come, which is simultaneously in disguise as a myriad of forms, water included. So water is not just an analogy for Spirit, but the Reality itself doing what it always does.

It is the nondual understanding that Lingua-U illuminates. The meta-language is a genuine Wheel of Spirit providing insights into the spiritual meaning of language that have been previously hidden. These insights are drawn not from water as such, but from water’s meta-word (or Holy Name).

The meta-word for water in Lingua-U is waa-laɪ. It includes by reference the English water plus all the other names for water in other languages (Japanese’s mizu, Latin’s aqua, Russian’s voda, Greek’s nero, etc.).

Unlike most of the words for water in extant languages, Waa-laɪ (pronounced Wah-Lie) is endowed with a cosmological significance. That is, meta-words in Lingua-U show their place in the associated Kosmology. There is abundant information available to those who look at the pictures of this cosmic vision. For his reason I sometimes call Lingua-U a language of “non-dual revelation”.

Technically speaking, waa-laɪ is a Yang meta-word at the ultimate station of the Yang causeway of the Unified zone of the Individual Coalescing quadrant of the 8th-person perspective on consciousness. If you are familiar with Integral theory, then with a few short pointing out instructions you will easily recognize this spot on the emerging meta-theoretical integral maps.

Put simply, Lingua-U reveals to us a new and secret meaning to water by virtue of its meta-word: it is tied to the penultimate Yang form of the Witnessing consciousness in its purest form at the Seat of Consciousness. Without it, there is no Watching, which is its Yin complement in the Element of Ocean. Without it, there is no Washing, which is its Yin complement in the Element of Earth. Without it, the delicate W does not establish the Wall to protect itself from the dark side of the H; the declining Yang of Witnessing/Holistic consciousness is protected from the ascending Yin.

Waa-laɪ isn’t proper Lingua-U, but the transliteration of the meta-language into the International Phonetic Alphabet. The actual Lingua-U consists of only three symbols: Yang, Yin, and Unitive. The meta-word for water is really spelled ┆╎│┆┆│. It is a picture of the meta-word’s subtle energy itself, so Lingua-U is a sort of pictographic language as you can see. When looking at water’s subtle energy, you can not only conceptualize that water is a non-dual expression of the Real, but you can see it and feel it and hear it.

The Lingua-U meta-word for water itself is a set of instructions for obtaining a non-dual spiritual realization. As you learn the meta-words for all things, the hidden underlying unity at a subtle level of consciousness becomes manifest in your mind. As you speak the language, you feel the energy in your body. Words are abstractions; meta-words are subtle energetic pictures which can be felt kinesthetically in your speech organs.

As you draw the connections between the Lingua-U and the Kalendar, the role of water and time is elucidated; as you see the connection to the Atlas, the role of water and space is elucidated. Level after level of unfolding depth begin to open up as one shifts one’s worldview by learning Lingua-U. Space, Time, and Thought are revealed to have a hidden unity and purpose.

I hope you are inspired to learn more about Lingua-U.  Thirsty? Go get some ┆╎│┆┆│.

When the Life Imperative Insists on Making Yourself Whole … No Matter The Cost

joe-at-coffeeA writer needs to write, never more so then when he has been keeping secrets which eat away at him relentlessly and which demand opening to the light. Knowing the world won’t accept you, the darkness gathers. An explosion is inevitable … with growing openness, a creative explosion.

I never really thought I’d be as brave as I must be to complete my vision for the Brave New Worlds blog. There is now an editorial calendar for this publication which fills me with emotional dread and existential terror. It involves the publication of of four short books on this blog plus supportive material within the next 9 months. It will force me to give you, my reader, the first barely expurgated look at my psychological and spiritual evolution since writing my autobiography, Soulfully Gay, more than 13 years ago. I will need to take you along the topsy-turvy, rolly-polly ride which has unsettled every previous belief (without disjarring them entirely), documented with reams of correspondence and private journals never before seen publicly.

Much of these four books are already written, except for introductory notes and minor editing. So I can see what’s coming. At times they’re grotesque and ugly, scandalous and creepy, wicked and shameful. Some people will never forgive me for revealing the hidden story that I wished I could avoid detailing in public (but I can’t, I’m afraid). But if you have an Integral sensibility and an open heart and mind, perhaps you will find in these upcoming publications a beacon of hope, an illumination into unstudied and misunderstood realms of abnormal psychology and spiritual exuberance, and even a remarkably original vision of how to move humanity forward from this point in our history. It is a vision that goes beyond the problems we face in the manifest realms to the plague confronting unseen places.

Why is this necessary? For starters there’s the sense I’ve felt that after writing a tell-all autobiography at the age of 33/34, that I promptly went into the closet again. My life went on, drama after drama, jail cell after jail cell, psych ward after psych ward, abandoned manuscript after abandoned manuscript, mixed with an indefatigable commitment to spiritual practices that were totally off-the-chart (in other words, often improvised by the seat of my pants in life-threatening situations). To the physicians, I was a mental patient. To my own reckoning, I was a mystic engaged in a radical spiritual practice of witnessing seldom noticed subtle phenomena at the edge of consensual reality. I made friends and enemies in the unseen places, and experienced new dimensions of love and hatred. And out of these observations, I grew adept at a practice of being among the first in a lineage of what I call “World Shamans”: world-walkers without a tribe who are loyal only to the tribe of humanity and,  indeed, all sentient beings (known and unknown) in the Kosmos.

World Shamans? Witnessing psychotic delusions and re-framing them as a hermeneutics of consensual reality’s breakdown? Perhaps this is just so much rationalization on behalf of a bipolar man seeking meaning in the essentially meaningless. But who the hell are you to tell me this persuasively? Have you seen what I have seen? Have you seen reality face crises unlike anything ever told? Have you been contacted by non-human entities through “telepathic” connections, spirits and beasts and demons bearing messages of terrible Armageddon and hope for curing what ills us? Have you found yourself convinced that you have been given prophecies by God … in a world where such message are dismissed as lunatic ravings by haters both within and outside the churches? Were you ever given a special urgent mission for spiritual renewal, only to face utter failure?

And all of this will be explored in Brave New Worlds over the course of the next year … and more. I haven’t mentioned the most scandalous stuff. I need to bear the scandalous stuff too, as much as humanly possible and permitted, so I may be whole again. The secret must be lifted. No one truly knows the burdens I have carried or the scar of secrecy entailed.  And within the months ahead, it will all be open for you to form your reactions.

Good for you, for reading along. I welcome you on this voyage in this website. We have a remarkable nine months ahead of us, if you have the commitment to continue your readership.

The Wily Magician’s Best Secrets, Part 3

lol-dictionary-300x199Rule #3: The realm of language and symbol exists in a constant state of evolution, and we are active participants in a collective drama, the wily Magicians most of all. Use language responsibly.

Every word you say or write, every thought you co-create with unconscious processes in the individual and collective unconscious, every time you use a symbol to represent anything at all, you are co-creating. You are creating a beautiful Mandala in which all things are related. This is the awesome and awful truth. If you are like most people, you are oblivious to this unconscious drama. But if you are a wily Magician, then you can’t help but be drawn into this marvelous feature of life. It carries the potentiality to create and desecrate, destroy and delight, amaze and amyster. (The word “amyster” is a neologism that just created itself. It is supposed to mean “to make mystery”, but what it really means is a matter of how it is taken up in processes outside of my control.)

The wily Magician has many choices for using language, evolving it. I urge responsibility and vision and a willingness to submit to widespread cosmological forces working themselves out through linguistic evolution. Do not approach linguistic evolution like a child, babbling nonsense; nor like a teenager, neologizing like a cracked up rapper; nor like a typical adult, developing new words as tools to be used for utilitarian purposes; nor like a more mature adult, seeking novelty mainly in the depths of one’s unique experiences. Linguistic evolution occurs on many developmental levels and stations of life; be aware of your own purpose and nurture awareness and tolerance of many different forms of linguistic evolution. But none of the motives that I have mentioned are enough for the wily Magician. I urge linguistic evolution in the spirit of joining an amazing cosmic dance, recognizing your own special coordinate in a massive unfolding Mandala in which language has taken a great leap forward in its capabilities. I urge attuning yourself to the possibilities for linguistic novelty only available by learning a meta-language which unfolds the symbols of all the Sacred Word traditions in existence.

That is the breathtaking leap I have been hinting at! Do you see it? There is a meta-language available right now which stands as a prototype for arranging all the Sacred Word traditions known in 7,000 multifarious languages. The most essential vowel and consonant sounds are all there (there are a few less common sounds that aren’t depicted by the set of 40 letters, but some loss of variation is inevitable in a project of this sort). By attuning yourself to this meta-language, you can access the creative “spirits” that have been described by the yogis and esoterics and spiritualists for thousands of years, in a manner of speaking. You can make your acts of linguistic evolution powerful not merely because your creativity drudges up personal shadow material or egoistic knowledge, but because you have tapped into the Great Tradition of language mystics throughout all of human history.

(Maybe Lingua-U isn’t perfect. But it’s Version 1.0 of a new kind of language. Give it some time to grow and room to spread out and emerge with all the beautiful bluster it can muster. Lingua-U puts you at the Heart of the Living Logos. You can try accessing the Living Logos merely through one language, with its partly arcane and partly obsolete symbolism — all individual languages are in a state of decline — but you will lose sight of the way that Spirit has revealed itself throughout world history in a multitude of linguistic forms and expressions.)

Meta-language is the wily Magician’s most adroit friend and foe in climbing the stepladder of consciousness, one step at a time, enveloping all that is within Space, Time, and Thought. We have published “Lingua-U Codex: Excerpt A” and now there is a guide, a sort of Beginner’s Manual for accessing the Konstruct of Integral Magick, specifically Lingua-U and the Kalendar. Through a regular practice of breath and body-movement and subtle energy manipulation, it ought to be possible for any serious student of Integral Magick to figure their way to understanding their life, their world, their future, and the world’s future. This may seem like an overstatement, but on a subject of this incredible importance it is best to be up front about this technology’s potential.

(As an aside, the Codex not only describes past stages of development; through an iterative view of the fundamental features of each stage it allows us to begin to project forward to anticipate the highest possible stages of consciousness for human potential and destiny. In this sense, the Codex is an Oracular Text of a very peculiar sort: it is an Oracle which hopes to provide wisdom useful for making the route easier for human beings to climb to their highest potentials, depicted as Person-Perspectives. Stages of Consciousness. Levels of Maturity. For its functionality as an Oracular Text, the Codex depends on a precise numerology and geomancy, alignments of the features of thought with precision. But this is a topic for another day.)

Don’t worry today how to complete the project of learning a meta-language. Just think about how to begin. You have Excerpt A of the Codex. Go to town with it. Ask questions. Intuit the answers by yourself or with aid. Every time you create a new linguistic expression, coin a word or phrase, examine the Codex so you can understand what is emerging from within you: Yang, You, and Yin energetic forces more subtle than alphabetic letters. Learn if you are making language more Yin (or allowing Yin to express itself through you); or if you are making language more Yang (or becoming a pawn for Yang force); explore whether there are more Unitive possibilities than you have imagined previously.

The key is to recognize yourself as a vessel for linguistic evolution that is Kosmic in scale. It’s the shift in perspective to this scale that is key for integral magick. Don’t settle for merely pre-personal, personal, or even trans-personal forms of language generativity when you can go Kosmic, a truly massive up-leveling of your consciousness. Let every syllable — indeed, every phonetic feature — you utter be enhanced by awareness of its place on the Mandala of Everything. I promise after a while you won’t even have to try to evolve language consciously; Language will evolve You.

And remember: always use Lingua-U responsibility.



Soulfully Gay (Movie Screenplay), Scenes 2 – 4

moseslakeFollowing the opening scene to the movie script adaptation of Soulfully Gay

Scene 2. Moses Lake, Washington. 1987 

Super In/Out: “9 Years Later”

In the Columbia Basin region, a small farming community rises out of the semi-desert region, mass-produced structures amid tumbleweed-tossed empty fields. At the gymnasium building of Big Bend Community College, a parking lots full of cars.

Bobby, now a man in his mid-20s, walks through the parking lot, smoking. He is bearded and a bit frantic with energy.

Voice Over (Joe Perez): “My older brother left home while I was still a young teenager, and he went his own way in the world, finding his way to big cities. I saw him though on special occasions.”

Bobby puts out his cigarette and opens the door to the gymnasium; he enters a high school graduation ceremony in progress. He stands amid onlookers and stragglers to a ceremony-in-progress. The high school principal intones a list of award-winners.

Principal: “Joseph Perez, would you please stand? Washington Governor’s Award. Rainier Bank Scholar. Washington State University English Scholarship Award. Amherst College Scholarship. Brown University Scholarship. Harvard University Scholarship. Stanford University Scholarship. Yale University Scholarship. National Merit Scholar Finalist. National Hispanic Merit Scholar.”

A standing ovation, beginning with Joe’s high school colleagues and continuing with the onlookers.

Joe looks around awkwardly and deeply humbled. He waves to his family. He catches sight of Bobby and smiles.

Scene 3. Sea-Tac Airport. Later That Year.

Joe stands with his Mother and Sister at the airport terminal, waiting to board a plane to Boston.

Joe Perez: “It doesn’t make sense. Bobby should be here. He can’t just fall off the face of the Earth. Someone must know something.”

Mother: “We’ll keep trying to find him.”

Sister: “I know he wanted to see you off.”

Joe Perez: “Okay, keep trying.”

Sister: “This is your time to shine. You show Harvard what you’re made of.”

Joe Perez: “I will.”

Mother: “I’m praying for you.”

Joe: “I’ll pray for you too.”

They embrace in a three-way hug.

Scene 4. In the Air.

Airplane heads East.

Cut To: Soulfully Gay Book Reading, 2007.

An image of the future appears, hovering in the sky.

Joe Perez (Age 37) reads at a bookstore from his book, Soulfully Gay: “For a year my family lied to me about Bobby, and he lied too. They were keeping a secret from me, but it couldn’t be held in forever.”

Close To: The Book’s Cover: A Rainbow-Colored Cross.

Dissolve To: Airplane heading West.

Soulfully Gay (Movie Screenplay), Scene 1

clear-lake-south-campground-52ab3049bb7c09086400022fI’m picturing myself in Soulfully Gay, an imaginary movie adaptation of my spiritual autobiography. In the opening scene, a young boy about 9 years old runs through the woods at sunset, sobbing as he goes along. He is solitary and frightened. It is 1978 in the Wenatchee National Forest.

Narrator (Voice Over): “The author of Soulfully Gay called this incident his ‘Childhood Wound’. It makes sense when you think about it, that a boy who is loved by his family should feel so terrorized by their abandonment. But there is a double meaning to consider.”

Joe continues to run. Then stop! He trips and falls. He is face-to-face with the carcass of a deer, his eyes looking into the face of death.

Cut to Seattle, 2003. Joe’s therapist’s office.

Harry, Joe Perez’s therapist: “How old were you when this happened?”

Joe Perez, a man in his early 30s: “Nine. It was my birthday.”

Cut to 1978. The 9-year-old boy gets up and continues running. He finds a road. He waits for someone to come by.

Joe Perez (voice over): “I was lost all morning and into the afternoon. I was totally alone. I cried the whole time. I felt so ashamed. And I thought I was going to die. Then I got lucky. I finally found a road. After another hour or so, a man on a motorcycle drove by.”

Cut to the road in the forest. The child waves for a motorcyclist to stop. They speak for a moment, and then the boy gets on the back of the motorcycle.

The therapist sits up straight.

Joe Perez: “I waved the man down and he took me back to my family’s camp at Clear Lake.”

Harry: “And then?”

Joe Perez: “Nobody had even noticed that I was missing.”

The 9-year-old boy arrives at the family’s campfire where his parents are gathered with many aunts and uncles. The family continues to prattle about the fishing, and pays no attention.

Harry: “There were no search parties. Nobody was worried about you. Nobody went looking for you. They didn’t see you.”

The 9-year-old boy turns away from the campfire toward a camper. His 18-year-old brother stops him.

Bobby: “Where do you think you’re going?”

Young Joey can’t reply, he is too distressed. He just sobs and wails until he is calmer. They stand at the entrance to the camper, sheltered from the sight of the other campers. Bobby stoops to listen to his younger brother.

Young Joey: “Nobody cares about me.”

Bobby: “I love you Joey. I thought you got on the boat. I didn’t know.”

Cut to: Bobby tucks Joey under a blanket.

Joey: “I love you Bobby.”

Bobby: “If you need someone, call on me.”

Bobby turns to go.

Joey: “I prayed to God. He didn’t answer. He left me out there alone and I could have died.”

Bobby: “If he didn’t answer, then who brought you home?”

Bobby closes the camper door and wanders off. Under the moonlight and starlight, he is embraced by another man. The campers talk on, telling stories in Spanish and English in the summer evening.



The Wily Magician’s Best Secrets Revealed, Part 2

duck-hunter-for-blogRule #2: Questions suggest their own answers, when you attend to the sound-meanings, not the literal meanings of its words. Language itself is offering a helping hand for getting closer to the desired answer, as if the letters themselves are forming alliances which have determined how much closer to put you. Better phrased questions get better help.

Are you astonished yet at the secrets of the Wily Magician? You ought to be, but perhaps your view of language is more delusional than his. This may be so if you treat language merely as an instrument for getting the meaning you want, not as a magico-artistic vessel.

The view of language as merely a tool for manipulating meaning-objects is sadly a common one. It is the version taught in grammar books. It is the version preferred by the scientific journals’ editorial committees (not that there’s anything wrong with that purpose, generally).

The view of language preferred by the Wily Magician is to view language from a very high bird’s eye level — all the 7,000 languages on the planet Earth, all their histories ever spoken that we can retrieve in our conscious or unconscious minds (individual and collective), all the language-descriptions written by philosophers of language, the sum total of dictionary pages in every dictionary, all in a state of flux. I call the object of this bird’s eye perspective Language with a capital L.

There are two important views of Language with a capital L: the first, that of the GreenPostModerns, is that Language is changing, but in ways that are impossible to generalize about, except to point to seemingly random and chaotic changes; the second, that of the VioletMagicians, if I may speak as a representative of a wily group, is that Language is evolving somewhere. It is acted upon by the spirit, and it is spirit acting in the world.

I do not expect to convince the GreenPostModerns and convert them to my VioletMagician beliefs, but I do recognize that work remains to be done to make magical language systems acceptable to the mind of the postmodern analyst. Some of this work is suggested by scholarly articles by dutiful academics who are analyzing the patterns of linguistic evolution today and discovering hidden, non-random processes at work. I’ll pass along articles that cross my path, but don’t count on me. It is not my vocation to convert GreenPostModerns. Dutiful academic researchers can get closer to understanding language from a VioletMagician perspective, but the path ahead for them is not easy for me to spell out.

I have taken my own path, and it was long and arduous (and to be continued). I had to re-build my inner psyche so it operated in synch with Lingua-U, and then I had a paradigm to test, one in which every letter conveyed spiritual significance and beauty. Every single letter, all 40 of them, even those containing sounds not commonly used in English. I had to analyze each letter’s function in a Mandala of consciousness, a dynamic and powerful spiritual symbol capable of articulating every letter’s distinct function and living duty in a new (under development) meta-language. Thus it is that a Mandala rose in the world’s intellectual history, the (nascent) Lingua-U.

On a personal level, note that I could only take my experiments with Lingua-U so far. The process of building a bridge between conventional meanings and a new world of meta-meanings sketched in a post-metaphysical framework was personally debilitating at times. It led to psychotic meltdowns, if I am honest with you. But I don’t want you to think that Lingua-U makes people psychotic. I was diagnosed with Bipolar I well before undertaking the difficult scholarship and investigations into sound-symbols, and it is quite likely that someone without the proclivity to “walk between the worlds” will not encounter any problems in studying or practicing Lingua-U. I don’t know what to tell you. Don’t study Lingua-U if you think it will compromise your mental health. Study Lingua-U if you have already observed certain magical properties in language and wish to have access to a powerful technique for organizing your perceptions of sound-symbols and subtle energies in a natural, useful, and helpful Konstruct which can give you mental health greater than anything that you would have to give up by refusing to acknowledge some sort of Logos (Sacred Lingua).

Let us return to the topic of questions. I will select a question by a random process:

Where shall we hunt for wholeness?

The answer to this question depends on the spatial relationship between two words when they are situated on the new subtle maps. The word “hunt” is located at the center tile of the letter “H” — ┆╎╎╎╎┆ (211112); the word “wholeness” is located at the center-right tile of “H” – ┆╎╎╎┆┆ (211122).

So the Wily Magician tells you: Language itself has evolved a very special relationship between the Hunter and Wholeness, such that — when looked at only as a result of the first six demarcations of subtle energy — they are only separated by a single shift of subtle energy at the fifth demarcation, a shift from Yin (for hunting) to You/Unitive (for wholeness).

Thus, the answer to the question is given a breathtaking hint: 5/6 of the way to “wholeness” is already accounted for by your “hunting”. You only have to adjust the fifth mark (which is generally associated with so-called White Magic, the symbol of the White Horse, and the three key seats: the Seat of Governance, with God at the Unitive-Unitive position; the Seat of Culture, with Consciousness at the Unitive-Unitive position; and the Seat of Questioning, with Quality at the Unitive-Unitive position. By shifting your relationship to the fifth mark from one of Yin (negativity, receptivity) to one of You (unification, All-ing), you can resolve your situation.

If we take the Yin view of the fifth mark to be Consciousness at the Seat of Culture, shifting to the You view of the fifth mark as Quality at the Seat of Questioning, then you should hunt for Wholeness by shifting from your Culture-view to your Questioning-view, and look for Quality there. Or so says the Wily Magician!

This is one answer given by Lingua-U, in part, when the question is posed, “Where shall we hunt for wholeness?”. Every question which can be put into a language, even a simple one of spatial relationships or differences between ternary numbers, can be answered in Lingua-U. It is answered with a special magico-poem inherent in the Way of Things as they are understood from a point-of-view like a God’s-eye-point-of-view. This is not as great or metaphysical a claim as you may think it is. But it ought to be suggested. Lingua-U generates answers to questions from an up-leveled consciousness, and if you’re not ready for this sort of information, if you don’t really want to know the higher form of answer you might get, then don’t bother asking.

We live in a world in which questions have a way of suggesting their own answers. And yet fools that we are, we don’t let Language help us in divining an answer. What a mess!

Kosmology and the Rise of the Worldview Artist

karmic-cycle-soul-reincarnationI’m not eager to talk about my Kosmology. It is a work in progress. I expect to do ongoing work in developing its foundations over the course of a decade. I have even planned an entire book of The Kalendar Series, the third book, to exploring the groundings and foundations of a new Integral cosmological system. This new system uses a new symbol — the New Map of the Heavens — for its elaboration; enfolding within itself: Sacred Words, numerology, a redux of the Enneagram, and other symbols (part of the integral magick system). I don’t expect the New Kosmology will be perfect or satisfy every seeker or thinker, but it will be my best effort to create a cosmology as subtle as is necessary to convey the sort of depth and sophistication necessary for the work of Kosmic Involution/Evolution (Volution). At the base of this Kosmology is the Tai Hsuan, the simple depiction of Yang, Yin, and a third element (which I call You) in a ternary posture.

In The Kalendar Series, the new Kosmology is the product of a treaty signed at the conclusion of the Third Kosmic War. From a literary standpoint, I cannot speak of its details without giving away crucial plot points, twists and turns along the route, especially the outcome for the protagonist, Kalen. And as a matter of fact, the third book remains unfinished. There are plenty of ways in which I may want to change things as my ongoing life experience progresses. But one thing is clear which I can say now: I now see the act of discovering one’s cosmology as active worldview building and as artistry.

Now you may object: “But isn’t The Kalendar Series an act of fiction, whereas the autobiographical journal writing in Soulfully Gay … wasn’t that an act of non-fiction, of theology or philosophy?” After all, remember the “Prologue to T.I.O.B.G.” in Chapter 1 of the memoir. What was that about, if not setting out your first principles, theologically and philosophically?” Like so:

Prologue to T.I.O.B.G.

… [In this journal,] I will begin to assemble a vision of how homosexuality fits into a big picture of everything in the cosmos. You can think of this vision as a metaphysics, cosmology, or worldview. You can even call it a mythology if you like. I will. However, by “myth” I don’t mean to imply that I think this vision is untrue. On the contrary, I very much believe that the story that I will be telling is accurate. I just don’t expect to necessarily be able to prove the truth as fact.

Before I get started, there’s something I want to say that may help you to follow the story that I will be telling about homosexuality: I believe that human beings are souls on a spiritual journey. God (or Spirit, or Higher Power, or whatever you call it) is at the beginning and end of that journey, and is the force or process of evolution along the way. Our souls have two archetypal desires: the desire for reunion with God and the desire for separation from God. The desire for union with God is the stronger of the two, but they are both strong desires. These desires play out in the course of an individual’s spiritual journey (some say this journey lasts more than one lifetime). Based on these desires, we perceive our needs, make choices with free will, perform actions, experience consequences based on those actions, and ultimately experience reactions. Following Eastern traditions, I call this dynamic of action and reaction karma, which basically means that we reap what we sow. Our soul manifests with certain personality traits or characteristics because we’re at a particular point in our spiritual journey and have to find our way back to God. In other words, babies are not born tabula rasa, empty containers to which the substance of personality is added. Their innate characteristics seem to come from somewhere; that place is the origin of karma. This is true regardless of whether you believe in reincarnation, souls that pre-exist in the mind of God, the legacy of ancestors passed down through DNA, or some admixture of these possibilities.

Here I seem to establish my first principles: God (or Spirit or Higher Power), the soul, the soul’s journey (reunion and separation), the karmic cycle, the possibility of reincarnation, and so forth. I say: “I very much believe that the story I will be telling is accurate. I just don’t expect to necessarily be able to prove the truth as fact.” There is another way to look at this: I am trying to make clear what I need to say, at a bare minimum, to tell the story and have it be intelligible without assuming that everyone else shares my core presuppositions. If Soulfully Gay creates a sort of language, then I am setting out the letters and characters which constitute the language; a magical sort of language which creates spells (the T.I.O.B.G. series) which magically resolve the problems of homosexuality in the world religions.

Somewhere over the course of the past decade and some odd years, I have more or less outgrown the story. I can still appreciate the usefulness of its tropes, and still have schemas in my (incomplete) New Kosmology which have similar natures, but I don’t deeply resonate with the Prologue. The story is just so basic, so fundamental, that I don’t want to tell it or play with it as it stands. It is a picture really, better expressed through art than theological language. But as far as theological language goes, it’s not terrible, it just tells one story that most of us have heard so many times it lacks power owing to familiarity.

“Human beings are souls on a spiritual journey. Spirit is at the beginning and end of that journey, and is the force or process of evolution along the way,” I said.

Consider it, as I do, as a sort of magical incantation. To do our ongoing soul work, we need a concept of “soul”. We need a concept of “Spirit”. We need a concept of “evolution”. These are the most magical words in our lives. We need to see that they are connected, one to the other, in a basic sort of way. Metaphysicians and anti-metaphysicians will fight over these words, dismiss their power and even deny their reality itself, but we must always find our way back to the truths that they proclaim. These words. This simple sentence. We’re talking about a magical construction, one which is accessible to the ModernOrange and GreenPostmodern mentalities, but not directly. We are talking about some of the first letters in the core alphabet of any language of spiritual realities.

What happened to me as I outgrew the words of the Prologue is a common occurrence. The cosmology faded to be interesting from one level of my consciousness, and another more complex level arose to take its place. There is a complex story here — my own evolution over 13 years splayed on a Map of Consciousness — but I am still painting it. What I can say with an unfinished canvass is that the magic of the Prologue ceased to be magical at the level of meaning. Instead, I needed to explore the subtle level of its meaning. I wanted to understand the relationship between “self” and “soul” in a plain, clear, undeniable way. I wanted to understand the differences between words like “God” and “Spirit” and “Higher Power” so that each word held a unique revelatory meaning. I wanted to understand “evolution” and its twin concept of “involution” and what about “Volution”?. I needed a more complex map, one that could understand not only the referents of words, but the subtle energetics of meaning itself.

This sort of growth is predicted by the Integral maps as individuals grow from GreenPostmodern and TealIntegral and TurquoiseHolistic beyond into realms colored Indigo and Violet. The way it looked to me is that I was becoming a Worldview Artist, shifting from a cosmology which tells a story with words (Human beings … souls … evolution … journey, etc.) into one which creates Kosmology with subtle energy patterns (Yang and Yin and You in a Primordial Trinity, evolving into bi-grams of Yang-Yang, Yang-Yin, Yang-You, Yin-Yang, Yin-Yin, Yin-You, You-Yang, You-Yin, You-You, and then to tri-grams, tetra-grams, and so on, etc.) What was needed was a bridge between the simple subtle energy patterns detectable in this sort of combination and the language of plain speech. Lingua-U was that bridge, and the pursuit of a Language of Subtle Energy became my Game.