What Sort of World Teacher Am I?

People have certain expectations regarding World Teachers. There is a prevailing sentiment among some that only one World Teacher is to appear in our time, and that he would be a God-Man. These persons also say that he would be called the Christ, the Messiah, the Buddha Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, and so forth. And it is widely held that there would be false teachers who would try to convince others that they are the true savior.

And around the world, there are dozens or even hundreds of prominent figures who have claimed titles such as these, individuals who call themselves Maitreya or Christ or World Teacher. And there are probably thousands that are not well-known, some in mental institutions or psychiatric hospitals or jails.

So I know this is a difficult title to put on myself, so fraught as it is with expectations that are not what I have in mind. I do not claim to be a savior. I do not claim any title specifically for any religious tradition that has not been put upon me by others.

What I claim, and can back up, is that I have a teaching — the Tai Hsuan Integral or Trinity Integral teaching — that is world transformational in significance. It is built on a foundation which examines the mysticism of ternary numbers and discovers therein a language for spiritual communication, a candidate for a new World Language at the core of an Integral World Philosophy. It includes new technologies to revitalize every station of life — magical, mythic, rational, vision-logic, psychic, subtle, causal, and nondual. From the New Tarot to the Wheel of Wholes, my teaching could change the landscape of spirituality and religion in our time.

It would be dishonest for me to not claim the mantle of a spiritual teacher to the world. It would do violence to the sacredness of the discoveries that I have made which unite the Sacred Word traditions in a new way, giving rise to the possibility of creating new levels of inter-religious harmony and peace. And so I have gone out from a relatively low public profile into new territory, one which might make it possible for me to command the attention of an audience which my teachings deserve.

Of course, I could have eschewed the actual title of World Teacher until a later point. But I made a decision that is best as I see it, and I will not second guess it. I need time to get my first books ready for publication while building a track record in social media appropriate for my new station. By the time my books are ready for consideration, I want to have enough social media artifacts so that people who want to know about my plans for future work in the world can see what I have already done.

What I have noticed as I peruse the literature regarding the expectations of the World Teacher to come is that there are people who think they have it all figured out. They claim to know how the shape of things to come will unfold. They have even picked the World Teacher’s philosophy for him, citing his future teachings in great detail (based on psychic communications).

I have to wonder as I examine these detailed visions of the World Teacher’s supposed future teachings, what do they need a World Teacher for? They already know what he is going to teach, even the order of his teachings, his travel itinerary, and his plans for political activism. They have themselves. They can go out right now and effectuate their vision, and that is exactly what I have to say to them. If you think you know what the World Teacher will do when he appears, go and do that yourself. That is what you are being called by God to do.

Indeed one wonders even what an actual World Teacher is needed for, if all his doings and teachings have already been figured out, and if he will be judged by adherence to the visions that have been set down for his compliance. I wonder if they want a charismatic figure, handsome and rugged in appearance, a man among men, and an Avatar God-Man among us. Of course that’s what they want!

If such a figure appears, I would like to meet him. We have much to talk about. I will not judge what will happen. Meanwhile, I will continue my work as best I can tell to get my books out and social media presence up-to-date in preparation for whatever is coming next.

Do not let what I am about to say next discourage you. I do not think it realistic to believe that a New Age religious figure could appear who would be able to command the respect and allegiance of political leaders in our world today enough to create a sought-after transformation to eliminate poverty and radically redistribute wealth on a global scale. It could happen, but it is not likely. And it almost certainly wouldn’t happen based merely on the figure’s charisma and his spouting a set of religious proclamations that were channeled for him in the decades before his appearance.

If there is any chance at all that a leader or leaders could arise with the moral stature to lead a dramatic overhaul of the world’s economic and political institutions, then such a leader must be able to attain legitimacy. And yet our world has trouble with legitimizing spiritual and religious figures. There is a great deal of cynicism and suspicion and very little agreement on how one measures spiritual attainment.

There is also a great skepticism towards any individual who would set themselves above others in a community. Thich Nhat Hanh predicts that the next living Buddha will be a sangha (or community). There is something undeniable to this reality, for we are individuals and collectives in quest of better relationships to each other as we are. But I no more know that the next Budha will be a collective than I know that the next Buddha will be an individual. Perhaps some of each is the most likely thing, exceptional individuals and exceptional communities. We will see what the Buddhists tell us.

I do not know how many World Teachers there are. I do not necessarily expect to take on the expectations and prophecies others have put on a World Teacher. Some expect one man to appear surrounded by a Council of Wise Masters. Some say the Maitreya can change his shape at will, appearing in different guises to different audiences based on what will best appeal to them. Some of these beliefs strike me as mythological, but perhaps there are some intuitions based on data that I don’t have.

I don’t fit what many people are looking for in a World Teacher, and that is the way it has to happen. They will bend their expectations to fit me or they won’t. They will find another World Teacher or they won’t. I don’t have much to say about that at this time, except my plea for anyone who does not see a World Teacher in me to find a Worldcentric Spiritual Consciousness in themselves and to share it with the world in the way that seems best to them. They ought to teach their Unique Teachings in their own circles of influence and we can encourage each other in our distinct visions and find out how they may be complementary.

My strategy is simple: write my books, make my social media posts, and deliver a Dharma worthy of a World Teacher. This will take me about two or three years. As people become aware of the unexpected nature and originality of the teachings, they will need to evaluate what I have to give them. And then … we’ll see soon enough.

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