Asking For Your Engagement On Twitter And Facebook

It’s too early in my work as a World Teacher to have a big following. Not even a medium-sized following. Just the following that I have, and maybe a few dozen more. The numbers aren’t important right now, but I need people who are curious and receptive to become engaged with the vision that I am beginning to set out.

The more I write, the more the whole scope will gradually come into sight. Until then, it is opaque for you. You don’t want to ask foolish questions. You don’t know what to ask. But then the questions will come. Then the suggestions will come. I need those questions and suggestions.

My work is not a solo one-man show, a man dictating from a mountain-top. Together we are determining if the world is ready for a Language of Subtle Energy and the massive changes that would come with it. I have to ask for your help, so that is why I am writing today. Won’t you take a moment to like my Page on Facebook if you haven’t already? Won’t you follow me on Twitter?

And once we are connected, every supportive nudge or critical thought or pointed question is very welcome.

Here’s my comment today on Facebook:

I know this page isn’t much to look at. It’s confusing. It’s complicated. There’s a lot of intellectual ideas here, and to learn about them you might have to read books. You pop in, take a look, and don’t get engaged.

And my message is foggy. I’m not using the word “love” liberally. I probably use the word “meta-“ or “post-“ too much. I’m using “God” not enough or too much for your tastes, almost surely. You pop in, take a look, and don’t get engaged.

I am at the earliest stages of a very long walk. I know it looks like a mess right now. I’ve been busy with other things. It’s not easy to follow. It’s an unfamiliar philosophy. There are empty pews. It takes faith to see that there is something really worthwhile emerging in your midst, something more magnificent than I have yet done justice to.

Spirit is waking up in the world, and we are at a delicate crossroads. A new language of subtle energy is emerging in our midst and it can heal a world of suffering and transform the nature of human existence. But it can’t do it without people like you, maybe you.

If you read my blog you will judge for yourself. And it’s not just a blog. You can engage with this vision right here on this page. It’s ugly right now. I know that. It’s getting better. Until then, have a little faith and know that you are warmly welcome to get engaged.

And here’s my comment today on Twitter:

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